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Your Partner Should Complement Your Life, Not Define It

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Have you ever been in a situation wherein you exactly know what is right and what is wrong? But you are consciously choosing the wrong path because your happiness lies there? Your guilt asks you to stop, act mature and stronger. Oh god, why is it so hard to act sane at times? You sleep every night with disappointment and wake up every morning with a hope that it would all be okay. You are disappointed again in the night. The cycle continues. Then someone comes wearing a wise man’s cap and gives you a random advice. You scream out in order to stop that person because you know all of this. You know every bit of the fact. The only thing that no one teaches you is how to deal with it.

So, there are 2 types of people- Type 1, who genuinely face some serious problem. Type 2, are those who act sad on minor issues and act as if they are depressed. I think most of us fall in this category.

We don’t need to move on. We just need to relax. We don’t need to find someone. We need to find ourselves. We don’t need to be in a relationship. We need to be self-dependent. This life is too short and trust me, it's worth living. Don’t let little stupid things disturb your happiness.

Relationship problems are the worst while love should always be sweet. That's how it is meant to be. Life is already a theater of war.

You try calling him at night. He doesn’t respond to your calls. You message him, he ignores that too. The next day he acts as though nothing happened. You feel like killing yourself because you didn’t respect yourself. He comes and apologises and you are together again. But ask yourself. Is this what you really deserve? Think again.

So, here you clearly know the fact that he is not meant for you. You know that there is no future with him. You know that this relationship will take you guys nowhere. He is giving you all the reasons to just leave him and go.

Go somewhere and never fall in love again. He makes it that bitter. He is so harsh but why are things still so pink at your end? Why doesn’t someone teach you how to live with it? Why do you live with the fact that it’s okay? Why doesn’t someone give you the courage and tell you to keep calm and things will change soon? This is temporary. Why do you become so helpless?

People advise that you don’t need him. But you are too powerless to act sane. You are too powerless to understand the situation with a wider perspective. You are too weak to just act normal.

Is this the reason to be sad about? How can it be so easy to keep your key to happiness in someone else’s pocket?

Disappointment has a sad quality because our mind refuses to accept what is in front of us. Therefore, we relive the disappointment over and over again. We never notice that after the initial experience, it is only a memory we are re-experiencing. It is much like watching an old movie over and over again.

If you are doing something wrong yet it gives you happiness, if it makes you feel alive, then just do it. But don’t let your happiness depend on it. It might be temporary. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.

Spend more time working on your own goals and less time trying to find a partner. Your partner should complement your life, not define it. One day try getting up as a different and a happier person. Get done with trying to figure out who is with you, who is against you, or who is walking in the middle because they didn't have the guts to pick a side.

Get done with everything that doesn’t give you peace.

There is always, always, always something to be grateful about. So, Put on your positive pants, because my friend, the sky is high, and it is your responsibility to keep yourself in higher spirits.

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