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I Met You At Just The Right Time And I'd Choose You Over Everyone Else I Promise

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I'm very socially active, cool, chill, and have a lot of friends, I'm student cabinet member and an all-rounder in school. I was living in the Middle East and was dating a Punjabi guy who was 3 years older than me.

I'm a Keralite and his family was fine with it, while no one in my family knew about us. 

We were family friends, and once he finished his engineering, his mom told me to get married to him, and that both of us could go to the UK to study together. I was totally against it as I was still in school and wanted to pursue medicine after my 12th grade.

A lot of problems later, we broke up. My three and a half year long relationship went right down the drain. I was a motivational speaker for students in my school, and I could not let myself fall, but I was left shattered. With the help of my friends, I got over him.

I came back to India after 12th for processing my visa to go abroad for my medical education. Meanwhile, my friend challenged me to join Tinder and use it for a week.

There, I met this wonderful guy who was a Malayalee, Christian, well educated, funny, romantic, crazy- pretty much everything I wanted from a guy. He told me that I was his dream girl, who was also a Mallu Christian.

We were so compatible, we literally completed each other's sentences.

We started dating on the 1st of July 2017. He told me that this was meant to be for life. His mom, brother, cousins, and all his friends knew about me. I was very happy that I'd finally found the man of my dreams.

I have a lot of guy friends here in India. I don't know many girls, but if I had done my schooling here, I would have known some. He was a little jealous of me for hanging out with them, and that was kind of natural. But I told him that I would never cheat on him. Why would I?

He was the guy I was looking for, he was the guy I had swiped right on- I chose him over everyone else I already knew.

But today he told me he wanted to end this because he can't stand me hanging out with other guys. I was trying my level best to make this long distance relationship work. He is in Singapore and I will be in Europe. I pleaded and I begged him to stay but he wouldn't. I'm shattered again, and this time for a guy for whom I prayed everyday for.

If you're reading this, my love- I love you more than anyone can, please come back. 

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