What Really Happens When You Meet The Right Person At The Right Time In Your Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 2 June, 2017

Miracles, do you believe in miracles? Well, I believe that miracles do happen, at least with me it happened and that has changed my life for the better.

I was the female version of angry young man in this beautiful world of fairies. I was not like this since birth. I was always in my dreamland, used to dream a lot. Life was good and I was busy painting my imagination on a canvas and dancing like a butterfly.

Amidst these beautiful things, there’s another side to the story. I was lonely, alone and with time I became stubborn, short tempered.

Life is tough and sometimes it’s so tough that it can make you doubt yourself. Same thing happened with me; I was frustrated, demotivated and I slowly started hating myself with whatever was going on around me.

I was angry and a short-tempered girl who never bothered about other’s feelings, I used to shout and fight over every little thing. I never thought that tough situations could be handled with love and care. 

I didn’t realize at that time – when relationships break they don’t make a sound, but they remain broken forever. 

Like other girls I too had a boyfriend but the relationship was a little complicated because I couldn’t be the real me with him. He was not dominating, but still there were things that he didn’t like. I was not free with him to speak up on how I felt sometimes, I felt lonely and wanted someone to be with me but no one was there when I needed to talk.

It was a relationship with boundaries and secrets, and such a relationship does not last for long and same happened with ours.

After the break up I started reading a lot of motivational and inspirational stuff, but none of it helped my anger. That’s when a miracle happened and I met this person through a friend of mine; we had come across each other just a year ago. But I never fell for him even though he was a very nice guy.

We'd had a fight a year back and we stopped all means of communication with each other. That fight was a misunderstanding that neither one of us was willing to sort out and we stopped talking to each other for one whole year. We never met each other but knew each other’s family as we were neighbors. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere one fine day when I was working on my thesis- I received a text; "How are you?"

I was shocked and happy, both at the same time, because he texted me. Till that time, he was just a friend and we were talking continuously after that. Whenever we were free we talk to each other. I realized that with time, I had changed a lot. The lonely girl was with someone she could share every secret with. 


He used to laugh at the silly things I did and was always there to offer me his advice whenever I needed one. He made me realize that seeing other people happy could give me happiness.

We realized we liked each other and our thoughts matched too. And then the inevitable happened. We started loving each other.

He always asked me to do things I loved doing, wanted me to fly like a free bird, and the nicest words he said to me were – "I’ll be really happy if you become the most successful person in the world." He motivates me, he made me understand that love is a beautiful thing and its beauty enhances a 100 times when two people become best friends. He has become that best friend in my life.

It’s very tough in this mean world to find a person who encourages you to have a career of your choice, who loves your family too. I feel like I am the luckiest girl on the face of this earth.

I sometimes ask myself why I didn't I meet you earlier, but then I realize some people step into your life at the right time. That’s when miracles happen.

I started making gifts for him, learnt cooking to make yummy dishes for him so that I could see a smile on his face. Now I handle every situation differently, with a smile on my face and I love myself.