We Had Been Trying For Months To Have A Baby But When We Stopped Checking, THIS Happened

Divya  Harish Divya Harish in Let's Face It on 9 February, 2017

It was like any other morning, the sunlight was rushing through the window panes and I hated waking up from the love of my life’s cuddle. Meanwhile the clock struck 7:30 AM, both of us had started to curse the clock when we realised it was a work day. We finally managed to get up after our morning kisses and hugs.

He went on to finishing his morning chores while I prepared two hot cups of tea for both of us and went to the living room. He was seriously meddling with his laptop when I stood in front of him. He failed to notice that I was standing right in front of him. “Ahem” I said. He looked up and took the tea from my hands and again got busy with his laptop.

I was still standing there giving him the grin look. Well, women always need attention don't they? From the way I was acting, he assumed that I was staring at him. He smiled at me, stood up and kissed me on my forehead.


Just then he ran his lips over my ears and whispered, “You forgot to add sugar in the tea” and started laughing loudly. There I was chasing him in the hallway. While witnessing all of this the clock could not handle it anymore and started ringing sharp at 8 AM.

Both of us settled down in peace and the routine barged in yet again. Our life was going to change in sometime and we didn't even know it. 

I went to the kitchen to prepare his favorite breakfast — fried eggs and wheat bread with a tinge of honey in it. In the meanwhile, he was getting ready. Then he was having his breakfast and he accidentally spilled honey on my dress. Thank god he did! I rushed to the restroom to clean it.

After I was done with cleaning my dress, I saw the pregnancy tester staring at me from the closet. We had been expecting for several months, I knew it had five strips in total and four had already been used and I had no faith in the fifth once. But something inside me told me to try one last time.

So I took the test and waited to confirm the colour of the strip, to see if it had changed. I went speechless for a minute when I saw the result. I didn’t know how to react so I started shouting (screaming to be precise). My man, who was about to start his day in a calm, sophisticated manner came to the restroom and asked, "What? Again World War 2 with Cockroach?"

I didn't say a word. Then he saw me holding the pregnancy strip with a colour we had been waiting to see for months.

He removed his shoes, came close to me, made me sit in the bath tub and gave me a warm hug. Tears rolled out from for both of our eyes, it was the most emotional moment we've shared together.

He managed to control his tears, put his hand on my tummy and said, "We are going to be the three Musketeers" and planted a kiss on my cheeks and forehead.

What on earth could I ask for more than this? Almost for an hour we were seated in the bathtub cuddling each other. We never talked, our happy tears did all the talking, such a divine feeling it was. Words fail when I try to express what we felt.


After an hour of sitting in the bathtub, I asked him, "Baby! Shall we take a selfie now?" He smiled and took out his phone and clicked a picture. That was one picture that will be cherished forever.

Then we finally got out and he started his fatherly duties already. He told me to be very cautious and was doing the rest of the talking when I silently realized my baby was going to get a responsible, sweet, and an awesome dad. I couldn't help but gently kiss his cheeks in that moment.
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