To The Man Who Broke My Heart, Life Wouldn't Have Been The Same Without You

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 3 August, 2017

Sometimes people come across as 'the one' pretty early in their lives, or maybe that is what I thought when I met him. But as they say, every good or bad thing comes to an end and so did our relationship when I caught him cheating on me with not just one girl, but many more.

It was shocking for me, I wanted to cry out loud, scream and shout - but all I did was remain silent. I was lost. It was him who had made me believe that our love can stand the rest of culture and religion and it was him who did this to us. I was shattered. It took me quite some time to accept that he will no longer be there in my life.

Usually when people feel cheated, or have been betrayed, they lose hope or just give up on the idea of 'love’. That is what people want you to do but here is what I want to tell my ex:


It's literally an art that you used to put me and your other [alleged] girlfriend(s) down. It is girls like me who dwell into 'your charm' and literally give in to you. I gave you more importance than my friends, family and career. It’s too late to undo my mistakes but not too late to leave you.

You taught me more about life in general after you left - (1) Life isn't as fair and fairytale-like as it seems. Sometimes it comes with a tablespoon of bitterness as well. At that point, don't lose yourself and keep believing that time is temporary, and that it'll all pass. (2) Nobody stands for you, or is 'Available' when you need them the most especially in your hardships. But don't stop believing in 'Humanity' for it will let you move ahead in life. (3) Whatever will happen with you, be it good or bad, is temporary. Don't rejoice so much, don't remorse so much. (4) Just don't give up on the idea of love for it is the most important and beautiful feeling. One bad relationship shouldn't make you give up on love altogether. (5) Bad experiences make you a better and more confident person who will be willing to overcome any hurdle that comes your way, alone!

Yes, I'm doing good. And have not given up on love. Working for myself, and living my life the way I want.

To the girls who still believe him and are saying 'whatever' to me - I wish you the best. People like him don't change. I just hope you don't end up writing something like this later in your life. And to the girls waiting for true love - love open heartedly but be careful.

Lastly, believe in yourself and never give up on your self-respect. Apart from your family, only a few friends will be there for you always, count on them. And don't lose out on any opportunity that comes your way.