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Dear Girls: Trust Me I Had All The Reasons To Give Up But Here's What I Did

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Dear Girls,

You rock. You are doing great. And there is nothing you can't do.

I did not have that perfect childhood. My parents separated when I was less than a year old. My mother did not want me then and my dad was too upset about the entire divorce debacle so my grandparents raised me. I will refer to them as my ‘parents’ in this story.

So when my friends were chilling and partying, I was at home taking care of my parents. They were growing old and they needed me. In fact, they need me even now. I was missing out on all the fun times but I did not regret anything because I felt a different kind of happiness when I was with my parents.

During my growing up years, despite my parents' failed marriage, I always believed in love. In the shahrukh-khan-ki-film-wala-saccha-pyaar kinda thing. This belief was successfully thrashed by the people I met. My entire ideology about love changed. But you know what, thank you.

Thank you to the people who taught me this. I am glad I did not end up with any of you because I am better off on my own.

Though I often worry that I will never be able to trust anyone in my life, I love every bit of it as of now. I am loving it despite all odds. I love it when life throws lemons at me. And I am loving the fact that I am making some really refreshing lemonade and enjoying the taste! Yes, I do get sad at times.

I do feel upset as to why I can't live a normal life. But maybe that's the essence of life; you've got to live it anyway so you better rock it!


A girl just like you; fighting against all odds.

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