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The Actual Truth About Doing What You Love That Nobody Will Ever Tell You

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*For representational purpose only.

This is in response to your article “I Hope in 2017 You’ll Stop Doing What You Love Doing”. I’ll start off by saying that I disagree with it. I hope we can have a healthy debate and learn from our different perspectives.

To begin with, the hardest thing about doing what you love is first finding it.

Thinking you love something isn’t love. It does not mean, just reading about a start up and thinking you would love to start a company. Finding what you love is more important than finding your true soulmate. That it becomes your purpose in life and nothing comes before it.

When you find what you love, it will move you. No matter what it is that you want to be — porn star, politician, make-up artist. Love is never influenced by other people or their environment. Finding what you love makes you also find an environment that is yours. Pure. Simple. Honest.

But most of us confuse ‘love’ with passion/money/fame. Love is the strongest and the easiest power there is and yet the most difficult thing to find. I found what I love when I was 3 and I have tried a million times to change it into something that would give me easier results but I can’t. It moves me, challenges me, makes me want to kill myself sometimes for wanting it so much. I

It makes me bow down to people I don't respect, makes me vulnerable, makes me want to change things about myself, makes me have opinions, makes me feel alive. It makes me want to live. I simply love it.

Finding what you love turns you into a fool and a fool doesn't 'reason things out'. When you don’t reason, you believe in something that is beyond everything you’ve ever been told. When your belief turns into reality, it’s magic.

Your love will make you work hard without you even forcing yourself. It will make you question everything. It will make you want to wake up everyday and go after it tirelessly. Not for anything or anyone but for yourself.

Don’t follow the trend. Don't think you love something — find out. Genes will change, habits will change, your brain will change, even people will change. Don’t follow even the most successful people in the profession you love.

Dig deep and find out what it is and if you have to, take a shovel and dig every step of your path yourself. As Bukowski said, “Find what you love and let it kill you.” But first — find it.

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