This Is How My Life Turned Around

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I'm Gurvinder Kaur, a 35-year-old woman who fought the stage-IV colon cancer that had spread to the liver and breast.
But I'm more than that; I'm an international social activist, a celebrity chef, the founder of the Nekki Officials women's leisurewear line, and a mother! My life was going well. My job as a chef was flourishing, and I had an international tie-up with a Canadian company to assess customised recipes with their team of professional nutritionists using Indian millets, whole grains, and herbs. Until God provided me with another work, Covid-19 hurt everyone's livelihood.

My mother needed a tailor to stitch her outfits one day, so our next-door aunty sent a lady to our house who knew how to stitch. While speaking with her, she began to cry, stating that she had no food at home for her children and had been looking for work since that morning. Although my mother helped her and provided her with work, I couldn't sleep that night thinking about how many other women were going through the same misery and financial insecurity.

That's how Nekki (which means "kindness" in Hindi) was born. Our mission is to spread joy through our clothing. We were able to touch many of our Wonder Women's lives with one tiny act of compassion.
I put forth a lot of effort while starting Nekki, from walking miles for high-quality cloth to carrying a lot of weight while shopping for raw materials from wholesalers. I somehow jeopardised my health in the process, losing 10 kg in two months and experiencing chronic bleeding from the anus, which I mistook for piles because I had been on the same treatment for the preceding six months. But, when my body began to give me multiple warnings in February 2021, I went to see a Laparoscopic Lady Surgeon in Amritsar.

She first diagnosed me with piles and fissures. Everything was normal except for my haemoglobin, which had decreased to 7 grams. I had another whole-abdomen ultrasound and a full-body test. Even after a month of medication, the bleeding had not ceased. She then advised that I have a colonoscopy to determine the actual cause. I had a wedding at home, which caused the test to be postponed for a week because I felt something was seriously wrong with my body and didn't want anyone to know, so I kept a fake grin the entire ceremony while twinning with my adorable 7-year-old daughter.

March 16th was the darkest day of my life. I began bleeding profusely following the wedding, prompting me to schedule an urgent Sigmoidoscopy with my doctor, who attended me at my request because I preferred a female doctor there.
While the physicians were performing the procedure, I noticed the tumour in my body, which was completely covered in blood and quite large.
I was diagnosed with colon cancer after undergoing multiple tests.
Everyone was busy the following day consulting doctors to schedule appointments in various hospitals across India, from Mumbai to Kerala. After telling them about "MY DECISION NOT TO START CHEMOTHERAPY, I landed in a hospital bed."
If I only had a few months to live, I'd rather spend every second with my daughter and spend quality time with my family, which my family would not agree to, but they couldn't force me.
So began the quest for alternatives to chemotherapy, which thousands of other Indians were choosing. We heard about Cancer Healers' Homoeopathic treatment and went to them with all of our records. They assured us that their medicine would work miracles in one month. They gave me medications for two weeks, which helped with the bloating and stomach ache, but the bleeding continued despite the medication. I

had never had any discomfort in my stomach or liver before the biopsy or any of the testing, but following all of these tests, I began to have extreme pain in my colon and liver, to the point that I could scarcely stand on my own. Despite paying about a lakh on a one-month treatment, this medication did not work effectively.

After a few more different treatments and many ups and downs, I decided to go forward with chemotherapy despite the risks.
I went to the World Cancer Care Centre in Jalandhar with all of my reports and met with a doctor known for explaining things so well without scaring the crap out of us. He scheduled my next appointment at DMCH-American Oncology Department in Ludhiana, where I met Dr Davinder Paul's treating physician. He explained everything and performed all genetic and biopsy testing that no other doctor had ever requested. He did, however, begin oral chemo on July 13th, 2021.
Finally, in January 2022, after what seemed like an eternity, my PET Scan came back in my favour — indicating that I am tumour-free!
Though it will take a few months for me to recover entirely from the adverse side effects of cancer medications and chemotherapy.
I started Cancer Awareness through my YouTube channel, "GURVINDER KAUR IMPOSSIBLE," where I share my miraculous survival story and how I overcame it.
This channel gives you an inside look at my symptoms, treatment, and recovery. I also document my story on Instagram to inspire those who are battling cancer. I want to raise cancer awareness so that people will seek screenings to protect themselves and their loved ones. My daughters have been so supportive of me during this journey and are with me @mumcancersupport_gurnoor

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