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This Is How Instagram Made Me Famous In 1 Month

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I spend most of my weekends with my cousin. So 3 years ago, I was at my her place where one of my younger sisters told me about Instagram. Yeah! I was pretty outdates back then, 3 years back, I didn't even know what Instagram was and how it worked?

So my sister and I were huge fans of Diljit Dosanjh. She told me, “You know there is an app called Instagram in which we can follow famous celebrities and we can see what they actually do on a daily basis."

She followed Diljit Dosanjh and she showed me his pictures and videos which made me curious and I wanted to follow him too. Next day when I went back home I installed Instagram and followed him and started exploring the app. Gradually, I started following my other interests like love for designing, other famous celebrities etc. But this is not the point, the point is —

Instagram gave me the story of my life.

1 year ago, my sister got married. Before her marriage, we shared the same room. That way I shared the strongest bond with her but didn’t ever realize her value. It's true that you don't realise the importance of a person till you have to stay away from him/her. It happened with me too. 

After her marriage, I met many assholes who taught me life’s biggest lessons. I often found myself alone dealing with them and heartbreaks. Even though I never shared my personal life problems with her, her presence was enough for me to deal with such things. But after her marriage, I faced many sleepless nights. I was lonely and my heart craved for her presence but her absence changed me as a person.

During this phase I started writing down my feelings. I needed a distraction! I shared most of my write ups with one of my friends and she forced me to share those on other social media platforms and so I did.

At that time I had around 60-70 pieces, so being an impatient person that I am, one day I just made an account on Instagram for my writing. I thought if luckily I got more followers and success, I will keep it updated. I decided that I'll never tell people that it's my account. So I named it 'The secret tales'. The username was available!

Within a month I got more than 2000 followers for my profile, all organic.

My followers loved my account, I received so many messages about my writing, all compliments. If you are doing something good in life you love to tell your closed ones and so I also did the same.

We are a group of 5 cousins who are not married yet so we have named our group as 'Happily Unmarried Gang'. So they were the first people with whom I shared this news. I still remember that evening when my granny was in the hospital, us cousins were sitting in a canteen and one of my cousins asked me the name of my account and then he followed my account.

Seriously, at that time I had around 3000 followers but that one notification from my brother gave me so much happiness because I felt like, 'yes I am doing something good'. After following me, he read most of the write-ups and he came back after one hour and hugged me and said, “Misha, you write very well! I love it." Just those words gave me a lot of courage to do something amazing with my life.

To be honest, in this journey, I met so many people who loved me and hated me. I don’t know what made them hate me but it made me realize that I am doing nothing that is 'normal'.

So few days back I wrote something, here it goes:

"Have you ever met a person who at first glance wanted to...?

Know how deep your scars are, wanted to know the reasons of your scar and when you share every story of your scars with them they just changed, their love fades away and they tugged away all the feelings from you."

So the same thing happened to me and it almost broke me. But somehow I managed to gauge the courage to become a strong girl for my dad as he always wants his kids to be strong like any other dad. I admire my dad a lot, I’ve never seen a man like him in my whole life.

So my account was running successfully and being brought up in the typical Sikh family, my dad wanted me to get married soon because I was 25 at that time but now I am 26. But I wanted to do something great, something after which I can say yeah I did it! Although my account was running successfully 10 thousand followers strong now, I don’t know why that gave me the idea to write a book.

I googled so many publishing houses, I emailed them my articles and luckily I got a reply from one of the publishing houses about my article that my language is appropriate for, to write a book. I told my parents this and they said, "Ok, if you want to do then do it." I took approx. one month to write a book and for designing the cover. By Profession I am a Graphic Designer and I wanted to design my first book.

I still remember there were days I just had one meal for the day because I was so busy writing my book. I completed my book and after one month of my submission, my book was successfully published. Today I am running an Instagram account with more than 17k followers and planning to write my second book.

There was a time when I joined Instagram to follow one of my favourite celebrities but today my parents joined Instagram to follow me.

My dad calls me so many times to ask, "What’s the name of your account?” and I would tell him, knowing that after disconnecting the call, he would proudly say, “Meri beti ke Instagram par 17 hajaar se jyada followers hai."

And this is how Instagram changed my life. And that is how just a girl became a special girl for her followers.

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