My Boyfriend Did This To Make Me Smile, I'll Never Forget What I Saw In That Moment

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 22 May, 2017

Ambience really makes or breaks the mood. Fine bone china with fine handcrafts and that reflective shine. You know the music they played, it reminded me of my spa visits and that waterfall artefact. Is there a rule book where they make it a mandate to do these things to make it oriental?

I could do without the dragon faces staring at me. And that cat who can’t get over waving. Gosh! Mood spoiler. But you know I can assure you, they make a diligent effort to add that aroma. That part I love. It’s away from the hustle bustle of the city, the poisonous air that we inhale. The lightly scented air freshener with aromatic fragrances. It is so soothing.

It’s not a very spacious eatery. The seating is such that I am forced to overhear the conversation at the neighbouring table. A while back I heard the dinner neighbours complain about the chairs. They have the same opinion as mine. That’s so reassuring.


The menu is so elaborate. They have great variety to choose from. I usually order the same thing every time, except for a couple of times when I had a tete with the hostess and she made some suggestions. They were good.

Here she is. “Maam would you like your usual wine or would you like to try something from our new bar menu?” Tempted as I was, I immediately clasped the bar menu like a child does when they get a balloon at an eatery.

But then this voice interrupted my exploration spree. “No she will have her usual white wine and I’ll have a beer and that's it for now.”

I glared at my superimposing boyfriend and asked him why he ordered for me. "You woke up this morning and grumbled about me calling you up so early. We made a deal in your deep slumber that I'll make it up to you by treating you with your favourite wine at your favourite place." He said in a rather soft and assuring voice. 


God was I being ignorant? I could appreciate the fine bone china but not the shirt he wore. It’s the same one I gave him last month.

I could not care about the special effort he made to shave on a weekend because I liked it and here I was appreciating the scented aroma at the restaurant. I am complaining about the waving cat and annoying dragon faces and I don't even look at this man who is sitting here so patiently without batting an eyelid, staring at me to catch a glimpse.

I couldn't help overhearing our diner neighbours' conversations without having my own with him. What I'm trying to say is that we get so engrossed in the big things of life that we forget to appreciate the small ones. We are constantly striving to acquire what we don't have, ignoring the possessions stored. It's the little happiness that will lift me up on my sad days; not the crockery, cutlery or the tablecloth. Why do I forget that?

Anyway, I am taking him out and entering again. I'm doing this because I need to hear it from the hostess again ..need to hear what I didn’t realise the first time. And there she comes.. "A table for TWO?"