Their Love Story Started With A Kiss

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 15 August, 2017

They finally got to know each other after school got over. How did this even happen? They didn’t even notice others while they were in school.

WhatsApp! They were on the same WhatsApp group and when one fine day he saw her photograph, he sent her a friend request on Facebook. She added him.

Slowly they became friends. You could say they were attracted to each other but they hadn’t confessed their feelings for each other yet. One day they were talking over the phone when the guy mentioned his ex-girlfriend. That is how it started.

The girl asked him, “do you miss kissing her”. He said, “I don’t but I can’t go and kiss anyone randomly, right? I do feel the need to kiss someone though and since I am emotionally attached to you the most, can I please kiss you?

That’s how their love story began. Not with a proposal, not on valentine’s day but with a kiss.