The Real Reason Why You NEED To Change

Dhara Chokshi Dhara Chokshi in Let's Face It on 30 August, 2017

Just two back I read a wonderful message on "I have changed". It was a beautiful message but it got me thinking, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves, “why have I changed?”

I changed because I like to change.
I changed because I was forced to change.
I changed because I compromised.
I changed because of circumstances.
I changed because’s endless.

All the above situations have changed me, but in a different way.


All the changes are within or outside us but to see or feel the change is up to you; your perception, your attitude and your belief. Changes that are within us have a strong connect with our emotional life.

I changed because it was needed and I love the change. I love my positive attitude and I am full of love and peace. I changed because I was forced to accept the belief system I did not have faith in. I changed because it’s better than remaining unhappy, so I am compromising and changing.

I changed because I learnt things about life I wasn't aware of. I matured. I have learnt to look at both sides of the coin. I have learnt to accept the circumstances and stay happy.

Changes outside us are up to us. Whether I want to see the rainbow or I want to feel the breeze, it’s up to me. No one can force me. I want to change for myself; for my inner-world, for my inner soul.

Change yourself first and then think about changing your circumstances or people around you. Always try to change yourself first and feel the change rather than telling others to change first.