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Substance Abuse Took Away Everything From Me And I Fought Back To Overpower It

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I am the kind of guy who doesn't take failure seriously. I have failed a lot but I never looked back. I got a job even before completing my graduation, which was a big thing for me. At the age of 21, I was making 25k. Everything was going right on track, my parents were happy, my girlfriend was happy and I was loving it, life was going smoothly.

I even went for a vacation to Manali with my girlfriend. But every story has a villain and in this story, I am the villain.

Let me confess that I have a behavioural problem and I lose control very easily. But this has never bothered me as I thought that I will overcome it with time. One day I took a substance, a strong substance and it changed everything for me. I started hallucinating, seeing myself as a larger than life figure. When I came back to reality, I realized that something was wrong, and I started acting strangely. My behaviour towards other started changing, I started becoming self-obsessed and somewhat of a narcissist. I started losing control of myself.

I would abuse my wonderful girlfriend. I started using that substance regularly. And then bang, she broke up with me. It felt like a slap on the face.

However, I thought that things will get better and I hoped that one day we will be together again. But in reality, I didn't stop her because of my massive ego. One month later, I was fired from my job and my ego was up in flames. I realized that I screwed myself up. This was the first time I felt vulnerable. This was the first time it dawned on me that I had failed. For the first time in my life, I felt sorry for myself. But then I started working on making my future better. I could not change what has happened, so I should let it go, and it's was hard. It was very hard to forget my girlfriend who was with me for the past five years. It was hard to accept that I didn't have a job. Then 2018 came and I went to my hometown to meet my parents and told them about my situation.

At first, they got angry at me and they scolded me, my mom even beat me. But at the end of the day, they were there for me when I needed someone. My sister gave me the courage to confront the demons in my old self and fight back. My brother was there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to. I started going to the gym and took out all my frustrations and negative energy there. I discovered that I am totally a different person. In three months I transformed myself, today I am in a different place and I found myself again, within my stories. My first novel will be out very soon.

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