Sorry For Saying This But You Are The Reason Why You're Not Happy Today

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 2 January, 2017

Love is a contagious disease that each one of us has suffered from many a times. But how often have you fallen in love with yourself? Have you fallen in love with yourself as many times? I thought so.

Well it’s high time you started working on yourself.

Think about it. You don’t flirt when someone else looks good, you flirt when you look good. And this holds true for other things as well. Like, it doesn’t matter how enthusiastic the others are about an outstation trip, you won’t feel like going if you’re not excited about it. You do not want to be a part of pictures until you look good. You do not want to have fun, laugh, be adventurous, or make memories until you are in a good mood.

Yes. It all starts with you.

When you think about your responsibilities, any day of the week, you think of your family, about finance, about work, about the chores at home etc. And it is the same for everyone, not just you. We all think this way. In all of these routines, the most important and overlooked responsibility is YOU.

Thinking about yourself isn’t a luxury, it is a responsibility. When you think of responsibilities, you think of things like being a supportive son or daughter or wife or husband, showing up for your friends, helping folks, office work, and other things as serious issues. But when it comes to taking care of yourself, you see it as a luxury to be indulged in on birthdays and during holidays.

You must see making yourself feel good as a responsibility - a serious one. A responsibility to make yourself happy, confident and proud; to make yourself who you actually are.

Be the person who your family wants to be surrounded with, with whom your partner wants to go on a date, with whom your friends love to hangout. No one else can do it for you. Take your call and start working on yourself.

No matter how good people say you are, you cannot act like it until you feel that way. As a result, you drown in syndrome where you make excuses and blame others in order to call your life grumpy, dreary, hasty, and shabby.

This is the point where everyone loses to you. It is not being selfish, it is self-preservation.

When you do not spend time with yourself, you feel bad. And when you feel bad about yourself, you automatically feel bad about everything else. Now, I am not saying that you should neglect your other responsibilities nor am I saying that you should obsess over your looks.

However I AM certainly talking about doing things that you love. Without neglecting the other responsibilities, try to understand the responsibility that you have to yourself; because you cannot lead others to where you are not and you cannot offer something that you do not have. So, start spending some time to let your best version come out of you.


Now spending time with yourself has different meanings for different people. It could be spending the extra time to put on the mascara or to click the pictures or to water the plants or to lose some calories (or gain some calories, in my case) or to buy a sexy outfit.

Go buddy! Do whatever makes you want to flirt (metaphorically, of course), do whatever makes you feel good. But most importantly, do whatever makes you happy.
Editor's Note:

Helping others will give you the best sort of satisfaction in life. But all of it will be nothing if you're not happy yourself. You won't give your best and... well, if not best, it's bullshit. Share this if you know your real worth and let others know, it should always be self before service, because service can only be good, if you are!