She Is Not My 'Girlfriend' But I Want To Change My Entire Life For Her

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 8 September, 2017

I had been in a serious relationship two years ago. After my break-up, I didn't want to fall in love again and casually met women on Tinder. Two months back though, I came across an interesting profile. I talked to her for a bit on the app and we decided to exchange our personal numbers. Over messages, she told me that she couldn't pronounce my name and I saw this as an opportunity to call her up and speak to her.

When I called her for the first time, it felt different. In fact, I called her thrice in the same day, without caring about what she would think of me, only because I felt so happy talking to her.

The way she laughed on the phone, the way she spoke and the way we connected with each other had a huge impact on me and I couldn't stop thinking about her. In fact, I even stalked her on social media. I wasn't looking to hook up with her, I just genuinely wanted to get to know her better. So, I invited her for dinner at Lower Parel. I arrived half an hour early and she was late by half an hour, so I ended up waiting for one hour for her. But when I saw her walk in, I forgot everything and everyone else. I was taken aback by her beautiful smile and stood to shake my hand with her. As we sat down, I casually taunted her about arriving late and soon we couldn't stop talking. In the middle of our conversation, she popped a tough question at me, "Why were you so curious to meet me?" I felt nervous and didn't know what to answer. So, I asked her to step out of the restaurant for a smoke with me and after relaxing down a bit, I told her how I felt about her smile. I told her how I felt different with her and even admitted to liking her. I added that I was neither looking to hook up with her nor just be friends. Of course, she was surprised at how serious I sounded about her in our very first meeting, but after my big confession, I tried to normalize things by talking about everyday things, once again.

By the time we had finished up our dinner, I was pretty sure that she was the one for me. Love at first sight had happened.

So, I decided to introduce her to my friends who were partying a few places away from us. She agreed to meet them and I too looked forward to it because I wanted her to know the kind of person I was. It was a big risk considering that it was the first time I was meeting her myself but I decided to take this leap pf faith. My friends were sweet to her and I could see that she too enjoyed being around them and was glad that I had asked her to meet them. Soon after, I dropped her home. We didn't hug, but she left me with the most beautiful smile on her face. Later that night, I deleted Tinder.

The next day we spoke on the phone again and I told her how amazing our date was. Even though it was too soon, I asked her out again. After all, I  had confessed my feelings to her the night before. Our next date was in Powai and I decided to be brutally honest with her about my past. I believe that transparency is important in all relationships and so I started by telling her about all my past affairs. She was surprised at how serious I was getting about her. But I didn't demand an answer from her and knew that she would take her time to trust me. I asked her, though, to kiss me on the forehead if she ever felt anything for me.

After dinner, I dropped her home and this time she hugged me. Trust me, I've never been hugged like this before, or maybe I never felt this way when someone hugged me before. I could trade all my previous intimate moments for that one hug.

Days passed and we grew close to each other, laughing, giggling, and talking about every little thing. On 28th April, we met for dinner and when I was dropping her home, she asked me to put the car in neutral mode. I waited as she came close to me and kissed me on my forehead like I had asked her to do that first night we met. It's been almost two months since then and I've never been happier in my life.

I don't call her my girlfriend, I call her my partner.

Things have been going very smoothly for us and I am completely committed to her. I wish and pray that our relationship remains the same, forever.

I remember how I had felt after my break up, two years ago. I had decided never to fall in love or have a serious relationship again. But after I met my partner, I just feel like spending all my life with her. After a couple of months, I am planning to meet her parents and take her to meet mine too. I hope our love remains strong. 

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