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My Angry Brother Left Me On A Street At Night And That's How I Met This Auto Driver

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This is something that happened to me around two years ago. I am suffering from seasonal bronchitis so sometimes, it so happens that I develop a breathing problem. Once I fell sick and I requested my brother to take me to the doctor so that I could feel better.

He never really liked me much. But he agreed. As I was not feeling well.

I forgot to take my mobile phone and money as I was dependent upon my brother. We both were on our way to the hospital on a Scooty. Suddenly, something happened and the two of us started arguing with each other. We were still on the way. Later in the middle of the arguments, he said, "Get down!" He left me in the middle of the road. It was 9 PM. I was feeling weak and restless. What he just did to me, was unexpected.

After some time, I got a grip of my situation and started waving at the auto rickshaws. After waiting for 10 to 15 minutes, a driver stopped by. I asked him to drop me to my house. He said that he will charge hundred rupees. I agreed. I was thinking about what had just happened.  I had no money.

I was abandoned by my brother in the middle of the road at a place I had shifted only two months back. I couldn't stop crying. Listening to my muffled cries, the driver inquired if everything was alright. I was worried and doubted his intentions. He inquired if I needed help. He assured that we could solve the problem. I couldn't believe him as I was ditched by my own brother. I wondered, why would I this stranger worry about me? I requested him to drop me home.

After dropping me, he asked if that was my house. He added, "Are you feeling better and safe? Are you alright? Is there anything that you would want me to do?" I finally reached home. He stopped his rickshaw and said, "Madam here is your home." I was in relief and was really shocked at the same time. He asked me with all his humility, "Is this is your house? Are you safe now? Will you please stop crying? I am asking again do you need any help from me?" I was in tears and thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

I asked him to stay for two minutes as I had to borrow money from my mother. He said, "It's okay. I see that you are smiling now. That is my reward."

He left without a penny. My faith in humanity was restored. After this incident, I feel that only blood relations are not worth celebrating. There are a few gems out there that are ready to help others without any thread called Rakhi.

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