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Life Is Tough But With Time We Learn To Pick Up The Broken Pieces And Move On

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Being alive is a wonderful, wonderful thing. You don't give them what they want and they leave you, you give them what they want and they still leave you. There is logically nothing you can do to stop them from leaving you.

I understand it will cross your mind to request (beg) them to stay, to give you another chance but it would never be worth it.

Because emotionally they've already left and there is nothing more left to treasure in a body if not its soul. It's possible that you'll ask yourself a hundred times, “What did I do wrong?”

“Where was my mistake?” “Why is this happening?” “Whose fault it is?” And many more varieties of self-degrading questions.

But trust me when I say, this will do nothing good for you. Either you'll lose your mind over something you cannot control or probably you'll start hating yourself for what's happening around you. All you want to know is why it's happening, and what is happening. But no. The universe doesn't answer your questions according to your wishes. You can do nothing more than to patiently wait that either of you will realize that it's alright to let go. It's time to let go. It's time to move on. Sometimes things happen without your fault, people suffer without their mistake. That's the irony.

The drunk driver has more chances of survival than the one who is driving soberly on the same road. Is it their fault if they're driving on the same road as the drunk driver? If you're lucky enough, you'll soon realize that it happened for the greater good. Or else, time and pain will teach you anyway. You'll again find things that catch your attention. Soon, you'll appreciate the new beauty around you. Probably you'll meet someone again. Probably you'll learn more about yourself.

Probably you'll be proud of yourself because you survived what seemed impossible in the beginning.

You'll experience how strong you're, and you never knew about it. You'll cherish that you can breathe even when something inside is killing you constantly. Even when something inside whispers that there is no reason to stay alive, like this. But somehow the time passes and you become better, stronger every day. The deep scar left by them starts to heal, it will always be visible, though it would hurt much less.

You'll sense that this is the gift of loving someone truly. This is the price one pays to be loved. Soon you'll learn to adapt and smile without much reason. In the corner somewhere, there would be a little hope, drowning from all the pain, but still not willing to give up. Hope keeps you alive. And being alive is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

"Today it's tough, tomorrow it'll be tougher, but the day after that, it'll be all worth it."

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