Kids, This Is How I Met The Man Of My Dreams And Your Father

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 20 July, 2017

I met him when I was in the worst phase of my life. I met him when I was broken into a million pieces. All I was left was with a broken heart and fake promises.

One evening, at a friend's birthday party, I got really drunk. I was in the bathroom when I met him for the first time. I found him cute so I asked him for a dance but he refused saying, "Sorry but I don't know how to dance.” His refusal hit my ego as I was totally drunk.

So I pulled him out of the washroom and took him to the dance floor. We had a quick conversation after the dance and went to the rooftop where we hooked up. He asked me for my number and I refused to give it to him. I told him I had a boyfriend and he later told me he had a girlfriend too.

I ended up giving him my number eventually. We didn’t chat after that though, I was going through a break up from a relationship that gave me nothing except abuse and depression and he never messaged.

During this time, one of our mutual friends texted him saying, "I think you should text Lucy, you both have a great chemistry.” I had no idea she had texted him. After a while, he texted me and we started chatting. A couple of days later we decided to meet.

He came to pick me up and we went to his apartment, where we hooked up again. This became a routine. I used to stay at his house, he would tell me about his current relationships and the problems they were facing.

We started falling for each other, and he ended his 8 year long relationship. From then on we started a new life and now I'm very happy for having him in my life. We both understood each other well because we had similar issues in our relationship. Now we are a happily married couple but before that we are the best of friends.

I am so happy that I found him as my husband, my BFF, my secret keeper and most importantly, as the father to my baby. I just wanted to tell my readers "pain and pleasure go hand in hand but no one mentions that pain is actually a path to get to pleasure.” You may reach a point in life when you think everything is over but think again, good things come at expected times.

So, this is how I met my your dad, kids.