I Hope In 2017 You'll Stop Doing What You Love Doing

Curious Observer Curious Observer in Let's Face It on 28 December, 2016

"Do what you love and success will follow," isn't that what your teacher used to say to you? Sorry to break it to you, she was lying. 

You don't know what you love. What you love keeps changing over time. You read about a startup and you want to start a company. You read about about Kalpana Chawala and you want to be an astronaut. When has anything stopped a human being from dreaming right? Well, that's the problem. You. 

You are fickle and so am I, and that's okay. It's okay to change our minds, it's okay to be lenient on yourself. Yes, at one point, I too wanted to be a doctor or an engineer. Well, that was the trend and maybe it still is.


I would write essays in school about how "I would heal people". But as I grew up and reality kept hitting me on the face, my dreams became more real and reality became my life's only truth. Today as an adult, I care more about my rent than I do about healing people, and again, that's okay. 

I changed, I evolved, you will too.

What or who you love may not love you back. You want to be an olympic athlete but have the genes of an amoeba? Or maybe you always sucked at maths (don't we all?) and want to be a banker. I'm not saying that you should give up on your dreams, I'm saying that you should think this through. Take a moment and think it through, what you love, does it love you back? If you give something (or somebody) 100%, will it give you 100% in return? You're human, there is no limit to your potential, don't waste it.

Do what hurts you, do what moves you.

You're used to being comfortable. You're used to having it easy. Your parents ensured it. Why are you afraid of getting hurt? Why are you afraid of failure? It's human to be hurt, and it's human to fail. We've evolved to feel these feelings because we're destined for greatness.

We stepped on the moon because we weren't afraid of stepping into a dark cave. Yeah that was the time when we were more experimental. Guess where it got us!

It was believed until the 1960s that it was humanly impossible to run 100m in less than 10 seconds. A few decades later, the list of people that have done it won't fit in this article. What changed? Did people become faster or did it become acceptable to be run fast? You've only been doing what you've been told is possible, what about the possibilities that have yet to be discovered?

We, as humans, are constantly pushing the barriers of what's possible, and you are the reason why we can. You, yes you reading this article. Stop being afraid. You are here today because some human fought a tiger with his bare hands. You are here today because some doctor toiled for years to reduce child mortality.

Why then, must you limit yourself? Why then must you let norms and customs tell you what you can and cannot be? You're a product of your environment, but you don't have to be. Create your own environment. Surround yourself with people who take risks, who break chains. Be that person for people around you.

In enlightening others, you will enlighten yourself. In pushing others, you will push yourself. In sharing this message, you will understand it yourself.

You want an audience? You have it. I'm waiting. Next time, I don't want to talk to you, I want to talk about you. So, tell me, what will you do for humanity? What will you do for yourself in 2017? All the best, my friend!