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I'm A 22-Year-Old Married Woman And A Mother: I Have Absolutely No Regrets

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I am Supraja, a 22-year-old girl who is married and also has a two-year-old baby girl. I know what is going on in your mind. No! It was not a love marriage.

It was a perfect arranged marriage and I do not regret it.

Though I had to face many problems after marriage that were related to my studies and career, I never lost my confidence, thanks to my parents and my husband!

I got married when I was in my third year of B-tech. My husband was supportive and I went back to college a week after I got married. Everything was going good until I came to know that I was pregnant just before my third year exams. I was three months pregnant and my dad made sure that I wrote all my exams with ease. Morning sickness and nausea gave me nightmares!

Soon everyone in college came to know about my pregnancy and people started staring at my tummy whenever I was around. It was weird but I enjoyed the attention. My baby shower was in the fifth month of my pregnancy and the very next day I had a campus placement drive.

I was awake until 2 AM that day and managed to reach my college by 7AM (thanks to my husband for that). I cleared all the rounds of the interview and yes! I got placed in an MNC. It was a tough time for me because as time passed, my tummy grew bigger and bigger. I made sure I attended all my classes and was nine months pregnant when I gave my 4th year 1st semester exams.

It was not easy to climb up four floors with a big belly. It was not easy to sit on a bench for three hours continuously and finish my exams. But yes, I did it. I did not want my marriage or pregnancy to be a barrier for my education or career.

On December 30th, 2014 we were blessed with a baby girl! That was a moment to rejoice but I could not enjoy it completely because my second semester of fourth year had already started. I could not go to college for one month because I had to breast feed my baby. After one month I went to college along with my parents, daughter, husband and my in-laws to request for any possibilities that I could give my exams directly.

Sadly I faced rejection. There stood people who pointed fingers at me and said, "Who asked you to get married?" "Why did you want a child so early?"
"You spoiled your own career!"

None bothered to look at my academic excellence or that I was placed in an MNC. I tried every possible way to convince them. I even enquired if I could come to college along with my baby because she needed me but no! I was detained.

Depression tried being friends with me at that time, but my husband made sure it stayed away from me. Slowly I started spending my time with my daughter that made me forget about things. My little angel was nine months old when I had to rejoin college and sit with juniors. I was in need of encouragement because I had no friends. My juniors tried making me feel better but things were not the same.

I used to miss my daughter but had to stay strong. I attended all campus placements and got selected in all of them. But since it was the end of the year, only BPOs conducted interviews. The fact that I did not give up made everyone realize their mistake of insulting me. I went for a walk-in at Amazon and got selected there.

Being married at a young age, giving birth at a young age was not my fault or choice but it happened. I have no regrets about any decisions taken in my life. People should understand that everyone has their own life and if we can't help, we should not discourage them at least.

I decided that I will never give up and continue making my career and raising my daughter to be an independent woman. My family stayed by my side for every decision that I made. My husband has been my support and will continue to be.

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