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I Was Giving Up On Us Because Of My Parents But Then He Said This To Me And It Changed Everything

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"You never compliment me." "You never force me to stay." My complaints with him were never-ending. And soon they were just a part of the routine. For about 8 years now.

Yes, we are a perfect example of 'opposites attract'. I am all filmy babu-baby types and he only calls me with my name with a heavy "AAP". I ride bikes and he is happy with his Activa, I love Italian, Mexican food and he is a dal chawal fan. And no I was not always like this.

I was never sure if I could tell my parents about my 8 year long relationship, not because of society but because my parents were just so proud of me that I didn't want to ruin it for them. I could take a pinch of their disappointment but I was scared.

Then there came a day when I finally told him, "Please forgive me, I can't do this. I am too scared to tell my parents." And he said, "Ok. Whatever you want, I am fine with it." I was shocked at how emotionless he was or at how it didn't matter to him. I could not understand what went through his mind and I just walked off. But I could not resist calling him.

The only thing he said to me on the phone was, "I don't want to bother you, tell your parents only if you think these 8 years are worth a shot."

So I told my parents about him and so I got another shock of my life, they were happy. They were happy that I found such an adorable and loving guy in my life to settle with. Again, he had nothing to express and I was disappointed yet again.  Then our parents had some conflicts with the culture and more. 

I was crying my heart out when he just came to me and said, "Until I am holding your hand, you have no reason to cry."

He said this in front of all our relatives and just like that, he became the hero in my family. Everyone was so impressed and satisfied. They were convinced that he will never make me cry.

So after this roller coaster ride, I am finally marrying the love of my life.

And finally after all these years, I have understood that me expecting him to shower me with complements is wrong. I don't need complements, I don't need someone to hold me tight or beg me not to leave.

I love my Mr. Boring, who is not afraid to express his love in front of everyone. He is just perfect the way he is, my perfect.

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