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I Was Failing Miserably On Tinder That Day But Then I Saw Him

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It had been 5 months since the breakup and I was still sulking over the 1.5 year relationship that would have ended up in a marriage, which I just wasn’t ready for.

I had made a conscious decision to break up with my ex due to religious differences and more but still, it hurt. He had promptly moved on and that hurt me more.

But anyway I was 'Daddy’s Strong girl' and so I decided I'd had enough of sulking and now it was time to take action (*Pun Intended*), again. Something in me was telling me that I would meet someone who would just make sense in all this chaos in my life.

So I went back on Tinder that evening, after all, it had been a blessing in disguise last time around as well. I was on my way back from work but everyone seemed boring, but then again I only swiped right on guys from IIT’s for the weirdest reason. Maybe it is a fetish for the geeks or whatever I don’t know but yes that’s how weird I am. 

Long story cut short, I got on Tinder at 5 pm and gave up by 6 pm already. It was my mom’s birthday that day so as soon as I got home, it was time for a family gathering. Like every other family gathering, I was quite bored with the loud talks and the aimless chatters.

As we proceeded for dinner, I decided to fire up Tinder again, just hoping I would find someone interesting to talk to for the next 2 hours. At least. Rest we'll figure later. 

So then I come across this profile and let's call him “Bandar” (you shall find out later why I call him this), he seemed to have travelled the world. He had pictures from China, Europe and the USA on his profile. He had this super innocent face and well it said IIT, so half job done right there. Moreover, it said he worked for my most favorite company in the world. 

God, he ticked all the check boxes. Well educated, well travelled, oh he seemed too look good too. I was in a fix, whether to just swipe right on him or use the only 'super like' I had on this guy. I had never super liked a guy so I thought why not, he deserves it!

That day will go down in the history of days when I for the first time met someone who was so similar to me and as different as we could ever be. So truly very serendipitously, I connected with this amazing strange gentleman who had travelled to lands far and wide. I had this feeling that there were loads of stories to be exchanged and I couldn’t wait to exchange those tales. The inquisitive person that he is, he couldn’t help but Google my name and was quick to find out more about me.

From there the journey of coincidences and serendipity began. Whenever we talk or meet we don’t know how the hours pass and our stories just don’t seem to have a dead end.

The one thing that struck me the most each time was that from the very first conversation, he had been extremely supportive of my startup. Every conversation would have me ask him questions or vice versa related to work. He stayed up nights explaining to me the nitty gritty of business from whatever little he knew.

When he saw I was really stressed with work, he didn’t even shy away from telling me to find a job. He would very calmly explain the pros and cons of both and leave me to decide. Each time that I decided to stick with building my startup a little further, he would very happily say "good luck".

I can message him at 3 am in the morning and share my deepest darkest fears, he would stay up all night to comfort me when I'm just broken beyond repair (right before an 18 hour non-stop flight). This is the first time I realized what it meant to have a friend with whom you can share your fears, your tears, your joys and your sorrows. To have a friend who in this materialistic world is always happy and makes you smile each time you interact with him.

To me, he is my best friend. I don’t know what I mean to him, I don’t know what will happen in the future but he made me realize it is okay to be “me”.

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