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I Want A Life That's Tough So I Can Be The Toughest

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We dream and hope to get everything we dream of. We dream that all our demands from life get fulfilled. We dream that our life works out as per our wants. But seriously can this happen? Can our dreams actually become our reality?

Have you ever thought how your life would be if all your dreams came true? If life turned our exactly like our dreams, would we be happy?

My answer is maybe, maybe not. If your answer is yes then let me tell you that you are hoping to live in an imaginary world. In this life, everything cannot be just like our dreams. Our dream worlds may sound very exciting but sometimes when things don’t shape up exactly like we dreamt, it may be for the better. As children, we all wanted a chocolate mountain, candy in place of fruits, a private park full of toys, all we wanted was to live in fantasyland and never come back to this real world – a place where we could be carefree, hassle free, and just be in it forever, without being answerable for anything. But can this happen in our real world? No. Our imaginary world is just our own small bubble that we want to have but the real world is the true face of life. We create our own world in it.

We all want a carefree and hassle free life, but if there are no hassles and if there are no boundaries, then wouldn't life be boring?

Because every situation in life teaches you something or the other. What would we learn when life had no challenges to offer? This is the main difference between the real and imaginary worlds. There won't be any adventure, there won't be any learning. We all have to learn more, struggle more, fall down and get back up, get adventurous, work hard and only then will our own fantasy/imaginary worlds shine through in this real world. We don’t want words like ‘empty’ or ‘nothing’ to fill the dictionaries of our lives. Words like ‘success’ and ‘dream’ are only in the dictionaries of those who aren’t afraid of words like: struggle, strive, hardship, dare, survive, thrive. As we all know, nothing worth having comes easy or free. Hence, we have to go through pains to achieve gains. So here goes, I pledge that:

I want to fulfill all my dreams, but only after I give my best shot at making them come true. I want to get answers to all my questions but only after I search for it. I want to live a life full of dreams and I want to embrace all the hardships that come along the way, because life is only worth living when one dares to dream. This is the best fantasy land one could ever be in.

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