I Told Myself That I Had Moved On But Then I Met Him Five Years Later

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 2 October, 2017

Every story is a special one of its own kind. So here goes mine.

I was a bubbly-naive girl, he was a shy-introvert guy. It was nine years ago when we first met, became friends and fell for each other. Everything happened so instantly that we didn't know where it was taking us then. Before we could realise anything, we were totally engrossed in the first love phase.

Aditya was a couple of years older than me and much more practical towards life. I was that teenage girl who actually believed in 'truly madly deeply' and 'happily ever after'. Ours was an innocently sweet love story. Those promises and those long phone calls, sometimes that lasted until sunrise, made us realise how long we had been talking.

It was all like a perfect fairy tale until one serious conversation. One conversation about the uncertainty of our future, and that one conversation broke my belief in 'happily ever after.'

The conversations turned into arguments, and the arguments turned into fights until both of us walked out of our not-so-perfect fairy tale.
We abruptly lost all contacts and the post-breakup phase was miserable for me. I repeatedly used to tell myself, "I have moved on" and eventually that made me believe that I had moved on.

I tried dating a number of guys, I caught some on the rebound, and with some, I wanted to genuinely give a try, but somehow I couldn't stay in any relationship. My friends starting believing that I had become commitment-phobic but it was me who knew that even after so many years, every other night, I saw Aditya in my dreams, and that made me totally anxious.

And one day, five years later, Aditya and I talked. We chatted, we laughed and presented the list of our unsaid and long overdue apologies. I felt maybe that was something which was left incomplete and the reason why I never completely move on. This time there were no expectations, neither with each other and nor with the future. We decided to go back to being good friends.

But you know what, the best things happen when you least expect it. Five years changed everything, what it couldn't change was the spark between us. One fine day we decided to finally meet. We were sitting in his flat and chatting about random stuff when suddenly he leaned forward and the only thing I can remember is that his lips touched mine and after that, I was in a different world, a very beautiful world. That kiss changed my entire life. One thing led to another and it was then that I realised no one had ever made me feel the way he did.

His touch has a magic quality and probably that's the reason I have never craved for it with anyone else. No guy has ever made me feel so beautiful and secure like he did. That day made us realise it was never actually over between us. Even the long five years couldn't tear us apart. I could never love anyone the way I love him. We were each other's first love and have remained each other's only love.

It has been 3 years since then and we are still going strong. The fear of what happened years back still makes us avoid any discussions about our future now. We don't know what our destiny has in store for us, but we are living every moment of togetherness now and it cannot be more beautiful.

P.S.: There is nothing like your first love.
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