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I Sent A Facebook Friend Request To My Prince Charming And I’m Not Ashamed Of It

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I believe that every love story is unique in its own way. I am a girl of 25-year-old girl. When I met him, I was 19. I was in college and he had started working. He is four years older than me. I met him on Facebook. I sent him a friend request. I am not ashamed to accept that I sent that request only because I found his picture very cute. It was when I was in love with the idea of love and had the dream of a prince charming. He accepted my request on the next day. I had been on a vacation with my family. When I saw that he accepted my request, I suddenly became happier. I messaged him first and his reply came almost instantly.

The Internet connection wasn’t well. He asked why I was replying so late. He had mentioned his phone number on his profile and without thinking, I messaged him on phone. Then we began to chat regularly. He was single and stupid and mad, just like me. I felt like I had found my other half. I used to feel a kind of freedom while talking to him.

I couldn’t describe it in words but we were yet to meet in person. I wanted to meet him but I had no courage to do that. Another problem was that he worked in night shift and slept during the day. Durga Puja was approaching and we were either happily chatting or talking over phone about our puja plans.

Diwali came and then Christmas was about to come. In between he had 7 days of tour to Odissa. He shared all the pictures and all the memories with me. Then one day, he expressed his desire to meet. I was very happy. It was winter and I was wearing a red coat, waiting for him on the platform.

He came and was so happy to see me. I noticed for the first time that he had brown eyes, not the usual brown but a very different shade of brown. I wanted to hug him but I controlled my feelings. He had brought red roses for me. We spent some time together and with the promise of meeting again he went away.

I was so happy that I can’t describe. Then we met again after Christmas. I reached before him and was waiting on the platform. His train came on another platform and he called my name and began to run towards the over-bridge. I was also running and like a movie scene, I hugged him right there on the platform. The day was so beautiful! On our next meeting, he introduced me to his mother. The next week, he took me to his home and introduced me to everyone. He was so eager to show me off to all his friends.

His love felt like heaven. Soon I introduced him to my family. And thus we started a happy and blessed relationship. We are in a relationship for 6 years and we still feel that heavenly bliss.

He loves me deeply and I could see that in his eyes. We walk hand in hand, we fight, we kiss, we share, and we help each other. He influenced my life in such a good way. I am now a better, more confident person than I was before. We help each other to grow. We are planning to get married next year and I hope everything goes well till then and we start our happily ever after with equal bliss. I want everyone to feel this kind of love in their lives.

I chased a guy and I am now happy with him.

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