I Met My Husband After Two Failed Relationships But He Treats Me Like His Queen

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 4 August, 2017

I am a 28 year old married woman with a beautiful baby boy and this is my story. I was a very naive and innocent girl back during my college days. I used to get carried away very easily and because of this, I was into numerous relationships. But before you judge me, let me justify myself. I was very young and didn't realise that no boy was worth crying for.

My family has always believed in me and my parents have always forgiven me for my mistakes. When I was studying graduation, I met a boy who was my classmate. Let us call him X. We used to reside in different cities and had very different mindsets.

When I started studying in college, I was already in a relationship with a guy from my junior college. He turned out to be very possessive. He asked me not to speak to any boy or make any friends. This led to numerous fights between us and I started seeking solace in this new friend of mine. We started getting closer.


I finally broke up with him and got into a relationship with X. Everything was rosy for the first year. Slowly he also started getting possessive and blamed my naivety and innocence for his behaviour. He kept an eye on me the entire time in college and put restrictions on me for no reason. I started getting suffocated in this relationship and again suffered heartbreak.

I stopped believing in relationships and love. I completed my graduation and came back home. Life went on until one day I got a FB request from a boy who was in my school. We had many mutual friends but I couldn’t recollect who he was. But I accepted his request as not all friends on FB are really friends.

He sent me a message after a few days. We started chatting and became good friends. I sensed that he was falling for me but I didn't let my guard down. He was a very sweet guy, very open-minded, but I had my doubts due to my failed past relationships. Talking to him made me feel better. I had started opening up to him slowly and there came a day when I fell for him and we started dating. 

He was completely different from the other guys that I had known. He trusted me more than anyone else did. He loved me unconditionally. He let me have my freedom and never put any kind of restrictions on me. He treated me like a queen. Our castes were different but I always believed that it wouldn't be a problem.

My parents started searching for my suitable match. I panicked and told him about it. He too got scared but he couldn't tell his parents. He finally told his mother. He belonged to a joint family. 

I used to wonder whether I would be able to adjust with them as I belonged to a nuclear family. We got married after 10 months of courtship and let me tell you that I was the happiest girl on this planet. I adjusted with my new family. They too treated me like their daughter.

Author's Note:

I can't thank God enough for making me meet my husband. We are blessed with a beautiful baby boy and he is the best father to my child. He still treats me like a queen and expresses his love by doing all those little things that usually go unnoticed. I still thank God everyday for giving me this beautiful life