I Met Her For An Arranged Marriage But I Fell In Love

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 14 August, 2017

It all started a year ago with the search for the right partner through pre-matrimonial dating platforms. Within a week's time I got swiped right by 30 soulful people asking immediately about marriage in a couple of meetings was a big scare. The constant discussion in North Indian families about marriage is a difficult task to negotiate and one can't easily find the escape route.

With the break up of strong relationships in my mind and left broken heart by my girl, I'd left the hope of falling for any other person keeping the surety level of my locked feelings in the head. Life became mechanical in he absence of love . The circle continued for a year, in between came some date stands but all fantasy packages that came with an expiry period.

While I was in this quest for love, I came across a profile via a family member for marriage. Already with the broken heart and sure of not falling in love again, I first thought of rubbing off the whole idea of meeting a girl through my family as I will be be conscious of my actions towards her.


I decided to give it a shot by meeting the person as a casual fling and consequently started making turn by turn visits to each other as we were in different locations, apparently at a distance of 4 hours. The conversation started on a very plastic note where I tried to be a bit careful, uneasy while conversing with her as the profile was sourced through a family member. As I started noticing her, my steps started following her shadow.

In her presence, I started feeling easy and thought of asking for her opinion about our companionship and her idea on relationships. The thoughts clouded my head with her one message saying she didn't see a future with me.

I was left shattered within seconds, the hope of one sided love forced me to run away from her. My internal voice became mute and my heart was injured. I decided to move away to a different city and post discussing with her , we planned to meet for a day.

With each passing day, we stopped interacting that may have ignited the fire in her as well so she decided to come down to Pune for an evening to understand my feelings for her better. After some couple of unholy intoxicated pegs, she could see the real feelings in my words, we had a very serious discussion about my feelings for her that she appreciated. But she was reluctant in naming it as 'love'.


We decided to celebrate that night as it was supposed to be my last day in the city and I was to leave for the capital the very next day. We spent some quality time, walking on the road, sitting around a bus stop, looking at the stars and putting forward our opinions turn by turn. All of a sudden, I broke the shackles and kissed her, thereby expressing how this whole soon-to-be arranged marriage affair can be so bad for love.

Every time, holding her hand makes me fall for her a little more, as if I have found my soul mate. Every eye contact with her, I found peace and the sense of completeness. I found love again by caressing her hair and her every word made me realize, "Love can take birth in arranged setups" as well.

I wish to grow old with her and die one day before her so that I don't have to live even a single day alone without my new found love.