I Got Scared The First Time I Caught Him Staring At Me: I Didn't Know It Was Love At First Sight

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 15 June, 2017

I remember that train I boarded to Secunderabad from New Delhi station. It was 11 pm and in that AC two-tier compartment, I was all set to have a goodnight’s sleep. At 1 am, I felt thirsty and woke up to drink water. I felt a tall, dark man staring at me like I did not belong to this world. Choked by his unwavering stare, I hesitantly asked him if everything was fine. But he said nothing and walked away. For the remaining journey, he constantly kept staring at me, without ever saying anything.

Finally, when I reached Secunderabad station, I breathed a sigh of relief. Back then, I worked at TCS and before visiting the branch office, I thought of having a good shower at my hotel room first. It was 7 pm. I locked my room and went out, but in the lobby, I saw that man again. He was still staring at me and it gave me goose bumps. I tried ignoring him and moved out of the hotel. I went straight to my office and it was 11 pm, by the time I returned. But when I returned, I saw he was still there, his cold stare freezing me to death. Avoiding him I stepped forward into the reception. I heard footsteps behind me.

He came in front of me and asked, "It’s 11 in the night. Where were you?"

I freaked out at his words and ran for my life to the receptionist and gasped, "This man..." but, before I could complete, she said "Ma’am, he is the owner of President Hotel."

I looked at him, again. I realised I had been over thinking things, and feeling a bit calm. I went to my room and dozed off. It was 7 in the morning when I heard a knock on my door. For some strange reason, on hearing that knock, I half expected to find him there. So I quickly stood up, brushed my hair and opened the door. It was only room service, though. I sighed and jumped into the bed again. However, the service boy handed me a note, then.

It read, “It’s 7 am. We will have breakfast at 8. Meet me at the food court.” 

With a big smile on my face, I showered and dressed in my best clothes to meet him. When I reached the food court, I saw him sitting alone in absolute silence. I made myself comfortable in a chair opposite him. He ordered breakfast and once again started looking at me. But this time I felt no fear.

To break the silence, I said "So....." But interrupting me mid-way, he said, "It is love at first sight. Do you want to grow old with me?"

I froze in my seat and could not say anything. He dropped me to my room after breakfast and told me that he was leaving for Russia in the afternoon. I was blank, but a storm of questions were rising in my head. Before he left though, I said "I want to....I want to grow old with you"

It’s been 7 years and two kids since then. I am content with my life. Although I had to make a few changes, like I had to leave my job. But, what matters in the end is that he still looks at me the same way. I love him.