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I Gave Up Studying, Eloped, Got Pregnant: Life Still Gave Me A Second Chance

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This is the story of a young, impulsive girl who fought with her entire family and eloped at the age of 18, just to live in with the guy she fell for. Little did she know then that she was selfish enough to love someone other than herself. Yes, the girl is me. Soon I decided to give up on my studies because at that point nothing seemed more interesting than staying the whole day with him, having untimely sex and multiple orgasms. Coming to giving an introduction about the guy, he is 10 years elder to me, and it was easy money for him.

He did not have a job and he spent entire days with me. In the beginning, I was thoroughly enjoying the pampering but as days passed and the initial excitement began to fade, I started missing my home, family, friends, college and I wanted my life back.

I behaved in a cranky manner and picked up fights on small things. I felt I was held captive. One day, our usual fights hit the ceiling and he threatened to commit suicide if I ever mentioned about going back home. That was it for me, I got a reason to leave him. Following evening when he was out to get some groceries, I ran away. I somehow got back home, my family was upset with me but they were supportive enough to take me back. He called me a million times and visited our home, but I did not see him.

After a week, I discovered that I was pregnant.

I did not know how to react and the only person I could think of calling was him. Upon hearing all this, he was really happy and he wanted to get married to me and on the other hand, all I wanted was to get rid of the mess. Although he did not approve of my decision, he was there with me till the end. He took me to the best doctors and showered his love on me even then.

He promised me that he would not talk about committing suicide because now he knew the pain of ending a life.

After all that, something changed in me and I understood that love was not about forcing your decisions on someone, it is about acceptance. Somewhere I started to respect him and I hate myself till date for having my baby aborted. But gradually he taught me to forgive myself and move on in life. Today, I am an independent woman and my family has accepted him.

Cheers to our second innings.

Friends I was lucky, that I was forgiven for all my mistakes. Anything could have taken a wrong turn. Look before you leap, do not fight and leave your family just for the sake of an easy lifestyle. Spend time in understanding yourself. I am not saying that every guy is a saint.

I am asking all teenagers to be patient and wait till you are sure because everything appears to be colorful in these years and sometimes life does not give you a second chance.

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