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I Found My Prince Charming When He Was 50, We're Married Today

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They say love can be boundless, limitless and sometimes meaningless but for me, love is ageless too. You will soon find out why. 

Our love story was a very conventional one — two unmarried individuals devoid of love coming together and enjoying that first time feeling of bonhomie in the air. That feeling of romance under the rain, smelling the first petrichor of the season, that feeling of butterflies fluttering their wings in the stomach when our hands first touched each other by chance, that mixed feeling of embarrassment and joy after our first messy kiss in the car.

What followed next is a bit of an opposition from both families for obvious reasons. There were convincing and counselling sessions involved from our ends with parents of both sides and finally managing to get their support and willingness to join both our hands into one.

Nothing special enough eh? Yes, I agree. It's the same old boring love story that we come across everyday and we don't feel any need to show any kind of interest in it anymore. But our story was just a bit different. 

On our wedding day, I remember I was all dressed up in a red Benarasi saree clad in gold jewellery and a nice red veil on my head, but with an added ornamentation of salt and pepper hair peeping from within. My husband too was properly decked up in the traditional Bengali groom avatar with his salt and pepper French beard and hair.

That was our special moment, I found the love of my life at a very young age of 42 and to add a bit more wonder to your wild imagination, my Prince charming was 50 at that time. This was a year back.

No, we did not colour our hair on the most important day of our lives because we didn't want to hide our age and experience and it didn't quite matter. Our naked souls were still stuck at 18 and we weaved our love spell together, like any other college goer would do. The never-ending walks through the empty roads at night, the mushy phone calls, sudden plans of office bunks and aimless loitering across the city, romantic long drives, the passionate surrender to each other while making love, we did it all and never missed any chance of expressing our love for each other.

Through this story, I just want to tell the world that you don't need be young in age to be young at heart. Age cannot debar you from attaining happiness in life.

So, enjoy life as it comes to you and as Benjamin Franklin rightly said, "Those who love deeply don't grow old, they may die of old age, but they die young."

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