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I Do Not Think Calling Someone Fat Is Body Shaming. Here Is Why

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Body Shaming – you heard that right – of late a lot is said and heard about being shamed about an individual’s appearance.

What is Body Shaming ? What gets classified as body shaming ? Describing anything by appearance has always been there, we have been able to identify something or someone when described with appearance even when we have not seen that thing or person . It has always been that way , at least in the place we live .

We have at one point or other described people by the appearance – someone is short and stout, someone is tall and dark, someone is lean, fair etc. When it has been here from the very beginning, why do we suddenly feel like terming it as body shaming? Why does it hurt?

It should hurt us only when we are in acceptance with the judgement passed by someone . If someone calls you huge, short, dark and it hurts you, that means we too are not happy about it .

When a fair skinned person does not feel offended when called white, why does a dark skinned person feel they are subjected to body shaming? Black is a color just like white. Same applies to a  healthy person or curvy person who is called fat . How can being fat or dark or short be classified as negative . How to deal with it?

I suggest first ask the question why it hurts when someone describes us – make sure you are happy in your own skin , do not care , feel offended or even react or even listen to someone’s comment on your appearance .

Someone’s judgement about you does not define you – and that comes with self-realization. Know your worth.

Be in acceptance with self – I am this way and that is perfectly okay to be the way I am tailored, and I am proud of being what I am. Celebrate your body for what it can do and be – get in to habit of positive self-talk – look at yourself in mirror every day for a couple of minutes – and tell yourself n tell it out loud– I am beautiful, I look great – you will soon be in acceptance with yourself.

In case you are not and you notice something you are not okay about – your subconscious mind will start working towards correcting or working on those parts that need attention.

The change must be within.

We cannot change or bring about change in the way people speak or think – but we definitely can bring about change in the way we think , feel and react – without our reactions the opposite persons comments are meaning less and worthless . Know the power of positive feeling, it is perfectly okay to be totally in love and be smitten by own self.

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