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I Am My Tam-Brahm Parents' Worst Nightmare, But I Will Never Live My Life Another Way

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Born in a Tamil Iyengar family, to this day, I wonder if my rebellious attitude came from my mom or my dad. I was a complete nightmare, to say the least.

Following the orthodox chain of thought, I was forced to take up formal education in Science. I was patient enough to finish my education but swore that I wouldn’t listen to anyone again.
I started my career in events with rebuttals from friends and family alike, to summarize it “Yeh sab paise walon ke bache karte hain. Find a good job, finish higher education...” you know the drill. 

Months of unrest, doubt and arda orda (shor), obviously created by me, was the reason I could convince them.

The next step up came a couple of years later when I decided to join my colleague in a business venture. This was the beginning of my entrepreneurial way of life. Surprisingly, this time I did not get the same treatment from my folks, and I could garner support from my family. In a middle-class Iyengar family, "Ada paavi" (You idiot) becoming "Paavam kozhandhai evvalo kashtam padradhu" (Poor child, see how hard he works) happens only when hell freezes over. My parents' good behaviour scared me more. 

These many years of being a rebel had ignited a new hope and I could clearly lay down my future plans, my vision, and the business association to my people. So far so good! I have a brand called “Cool Story” and I have been happily serving brain freezes with love.

I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by individuals from all walks of life. They have imbibed in me an unsaid culture in me which reads "A good friend beside you is a thousand moons revolving around". They are my natural satellites without whom my rivers will dry up, my sun wouldn't have a partner, nights would be darker. Oh, but how the tides of my career have changed!

Such a friend who was a work partner walked up to me and sold me his dream. Without second thoughts, I made it a point to help him make it a reality.

I realised I have to create my own work ethics, I have to learn more numbers, I need to sell my own product, and create or sustain the world that we started building together.

This was the birth of the Wizard of Chill. For all intents and purposes, my company is known as my "baby". Never did it ever before occur to me that I can be a businessman/entrepreneur/self-made individual. I had never settled on a seat at an MNC or an event company. If anything goes sideways, the Tamrahm rule book has no recourse! 

I'm on my toes, all day, every day. The fire existing inside my being always craved to be physically and mentally ultra-productive. It said "Dream! Dream today like tomorrow depends on it!" The opportunities were less but the internal energy of each and every individual that I wanted and needed to believe in, pushed me further towards making those dreams a reality.

I believe everyone can see what they have to do with their eyes closed, some don't get to a point where they can see it with their eyes open. I wish one day this wizard assists them in developing that vision. Cuz dreams without goals are just dreams, friend!

I always looked back, because they looked back at me and smiled.

Today I might be taking more time being a JOAT MON (Jack of all trades, Master of none) but I will set up the future to be The KOAT (King of all Trades).

Don't believe me? Just watch. Even one nerdy Tam kid can radicalize the world. 

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