I Always Believed In Love But I Didn't Know I’ll Find My Prince Charming Like This

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 29 May, 2017

I have always been a hardcore romantic, thanks to all the Shahrukh Khan movies! I always believed I will find the love of my life.

It all happened after my family started looking for a groom for me. I didn’t want to follow the tradition and marry someone I hardly knew. So, I decided to manage my own account on the matrimonial sites and find the perfect match myself.

It was way more difficult than I thought, the search went on for 3 years and I ended up meeting various types of men: the ‘smart but not sure’ type, the ‘I Don’t want to get married now’ type, the ‘Unsure of what I want to do in future’ type, the ‘Successful and good looking’ type and the ‘Living on parent’s money’ type.

Most of the times, I rejected them at the very beginning. I was lucky as my family never forced me to pursue the guys I didn’t like much. What was I looking for? A man who was self made, smart (mentally more than physically), mature but with a little kid inside, who would care for his family. Not necessarily successful but passionate about his career.

Three years of futile search made me question myself, what if I am being too choosy about the man I want to marry? Coming from a middle class family and going to touch 30, I could feel the clock ticking as all my friends were married and some even had kids.

Luck finally came my way on 23rd July 2013 when I stumbled upon a simple profile with no ‘I am stud’ kind of pictures. I dropped in a message. Surprisingly, within two hours I got a reply.

“Hi, great to get a message from you. Would like to know more about you.” We exchanged a few messages on gmail and then shared our numbers. I was a bit hesitant because I did not know him at all but what kept us still connected was his persuasion. 


It was like, he was around but not pushy. I decided to give it a shot and post some Skype conversations, I asked him if he wanted to meet. I was always the one taking decisions and he would just agree.

So, he flew down to Delhi and I went to pick him up from the airport. And there I saw a tall, casually dressed man with a small backpack. I questioned my decision as he wasn’t even dressed smartly. We ended up spending the day together and when he asked me – would you like to marry me? My heart and brain unanimously said – YES! 

There was something special about his simplicity that took my heart. It had only been 40 days since I had sent him that message on a matrimonial site.

They say – when it has to happen, it will. When it’s right, you know it! Your heart would tell you if this is the one. And that’s exactly what happened that day – he asked and my heart told me what was right for me. I had made my decision and had also realised that you don’t need to meet the ‘drop dead handsome’ man to sweep you off your feet.

I knew I had found a rare solitaire and I couldn’t be happier!

That’s how my love story happened and made me believe in love all over again.