How It Feels To Be An Ambitious Person Dealing With Failures

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 21 May, 2017

Born and brought up in a small town of Bihar, I was always an ambitious girl. I had big dreams of doing something in my life. Something big, something life changing. I did not want to spend my entire life being a housewife like most girls do in my hometown. I wasn’t extremely sharp in academics, but I am very smart. I am curious about everything and I love to learn new things.

Suddenly, I realized that getting quality education was the most important thing required to succeed in life.

Therefore, I dedicated 10 to 12 hours per day to studies and even though I am the girl who failed in English in 8th standard, in my 12th grade I topped in my Accounts paper. It was then that my perception in life started to change. I decided to come to Delhi for higher studies. I enrolled myself in Company Secretary Course. People told me it's a very difficult course and that I won’t be able to clear it as my English was not good.

So I was confused as to what I should be doing. But then I decided to pursue the course and believed that I'll clear it. As Hitler said and I believe, "Nothing is impossible in this world, even the word impossible has possible in it.”

So, I started to study hard and luckily I cleared my CS foundation exam and CS Executive in the first attempt. I entered the final term, but in the first attempt I could only clear one group. I thought I will be able to clear the rest in the next attempt, but my destiny was not in my favor, I didn't clear any group. After that I started my 15 months internship in a PCS firm and since then I have given 6 to 7 attempts, but still one group of final is left to clear. 

Only those who are facing some kind of failure will understand my pain. Everyone around me consoles and encourages me saying that one day everything will make perfect sense. So till then I have decided to laugh at life’s confusions and live it.I haven’t lost hope.

When I fail I will cry, but then I will pick myself up and start preparing again because I know hard work will eventually pay off. 

Author's Note:

Through this story I don't want to show how painful my life is but I want convey the message that 'never give up in your life'. Do your best and leave the rest to God as his plans for us are better than our own plans.