Hey Mom: I Am Slowly Falling In Love With The Man Of My Dreams, It’s A Lovely Feeling

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 10 July, 2017

It was a Sunday evening. It was the month of September and the Navratri preparations were going on. I was sitting on a bed and watching the famous TV show ‘Friends’.

Mom: Hey! Did that guy call you or send you a message?

Me: Nope. Why Should I wait till he calls? I have his number. Lemme call him!


I sent him a message. There was an immediate response saying, “I’d like to speak things over a call rather than texting.” This is how the first call happened with him.

I did not have any expectations or hopes as they had not worked out previously. In fact expectations lead to disappointment.

The first conversation between us was lovely. We managed to speak for an hour and decided to meet. (A week passes by without speaking with each other.)

I received a message on a Saturday night. We had a pretty long conversation. I didn’t know that he was travelling to Chennai to meet me. I got to know about his visit only on Saturday night at 12 a.m. I had to decide the place since he was a Bangalorian.

I managed to find a café where I had to take a decision involving my life.

The next day morning, October 2nd, 11.00 p.m., I went shopping.

I could feel the good vibes popping up inside me continuously.  

I got ready after this and was ready to meet him in half an hour. I was forty minutes late to the place. It was 5.40 p.m. by the time I reached there. I was delayed because I lost the route.

I could feel a spark within me.  He looked smarter in real life than in the picture that I had seen. I was not nervous. Neither was I sweating.

I entered the café. He was sitting under a roof on the third table from the entrance. He gave me a welcome hug and we started speaking. We decided to talk about ourselves rather than getting to know about each other. I was the third of the fourth girl he was meeting. In my case, he was the first boy I was meeting.

When we started speaking, we found out that we had a lot in common. I know you are expecting me to discuss about what we spoke about. We are also trying to figure out the same!

One topic just lead to another and we still don’t remember what we spoke about for five hours!

After five hours, I told him, "I like you. I think we can proceed further".

My heart was beating increasingly faster. I didn’t want to miss this guy. He was the kind of a person I had always dreamt of.

After a few seconds, he said something like, "Yes, we shall proceed further."

Yes, it’s an arranged marriage. And lovelier than what I had expected. It does not matter whether it is a love or arranged marriage. It’s just that the couple should understand each other and be on the same wavelength!
Author's Note:

I am enjoying this lovely phase. It’s a nice warm feeling that I will cherish for my entire life.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because love can blossom at first sight. Love can flourish till the wedding day. Love can fill hearts with fondness and create a permanent high.