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"I Was 4 When Music Was A Hobby, Today It's Passion": Listen To Him Once, You'll Come Back For More We Promise

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I started off as a 4-year-old kid strumming a toy guitar aimlessly that was a gift from my dad to me. Ever since, I picked up a fascination towards guitars and musical instruments. At the age of 10, my aunt gifted me one of those mini portable keyboards for my birthday and I started experimenting with that and played songs by ear. This fascination developed over time, thereby leading me to now having my own YouTube channel where I post covers of RnB songs and Hindi Songs, hoping to touch hearts across the globe.

I was born and raised in New Delhi, India, to the most loving and supportive family and am currently living in Singapore working as a finance professional. To be honest, I was not one of those kids who have dreams of becoming singers/guitarists one day to take over stages. I just always really loved music and the art behind it and that was all I knew. 

As I grew older, after graduating from school, I had some time to myself so I asked my mom to get me a guitar. I wanted to keep myself busy with something I love, I told her. I never sought professional training for the same, but my passion for music drove me to start and end my day learning how to play the guitar for hours everyday. Google was instrumental in making this possible! And that was it, how it all truly started. I eventually moved to Singapore for my university, formed a band and started performing at places. But managing my time with a band and heavy coursework was not easy - that's where YouTube came into play for which I produced my own tracks, and sang. This gave me the independence and convenience I needed to make music at my own pace and in my own time.

Currently, as a finance professional working in the investment banking space, I find it hard to give time to music as much as I would love to. But that doesn't stop me from doing what I do best. Whenever I get a bit of time after work, I switch on my Mac, let my creative juices flow and then one thing leads to another. My love affair.

For me music has never been planned, it always just comes to me. When I start making a cover, I have no idea how it might sound. I've always started with a blank slate and then I let the emotions in that moment dictate how it must sound. Having been through some personal experiences in the recent past, music has become the best avenue for me to express my emotions. It's much more than just words and tunes. Every song I sing has a story behind it that only I know, and that's how I always envision my music to be. 

My purpose with music is to reach as many souls as I can, hoping my listeners would feel what I felt while making that music - we're all in this together, there's beauty in the dark if you make it your own. 

Here's hoping to expand the reach of my tunes with more that's going to come up on my YouTube channel very soon!

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