This Is What It REALLY Means To Fall In Love Dear Lover

Sutputra Radheye Sutputra Radheye in Let's Face It on 3 March, 2017

A lover he was. A lover she was. But what was love? The madness of the Gods and Goddesses, the insanity of human minds or one's truthfulness towards his or her heart. 

Love is to seek for completeness within completeness. You don't search for love, but love searches you. It comes close to you, without taking your permission. It leaves you and that too without taking your permission.

You can just watch it come to you, kiss your life and go away. You don't control it, but it controls you. It makes you kick your ego aside, kneel down and propose someone. It makes you take all the pain, carry a baby and bring something to life that you both have created, together.

Loves makes you feel something special for someone. Love makes you hate someone to the core. Love makes you die for someone. Love makes you kill someone. Love is the source of every problem. Love is the solution to every problem.

Love is caring for that someone. Love is selflessly living for someone. Love is waiting for someone. Love is cooking for someone. Love is earning for someone. Love is fighting for someone. Love is smiling for someone even when you are not happy. Love is eating for someone even when you are not hungry. Love is planning a surprise for someone. Love is sharing something with someone. Love is trusting someone more than yourself. Love is making someone feel comfortable. Love is friendship. Love is parenting. Love is pampering someone. Love is staying awake for someone. Love is everything that you do. It is the constant ingredient of all the dishes that you taste in life.

But, where can we see love? Love is there when the sun burns itself to make the earth look beautiful. Love is there when the river travels miles to reach her lover, the sea. Everywhere there is love and there is everything because of love.

So, keep falling in love and rising in life.