Every Student Being Forced To Become An Engineer Or Doctor, Please Read This

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 9 July, 2017

Certainly, every child has a dream to do something huge in their life, and at this stage of childhood, nurturing and bringing out the best in their talent is very important. But parents these days don't understand this, all they want is their children to become an Engineer or a Doctor.

If we look from their perspective, it is justified because all they want is their child to succeed in life, but forcing them to walk on the conventional path is a bad idea. Parents put their children in coaching classes to crack competitive examinations without even consulting them, and the child gets buried under the pressure solely due to the fear of expressing themselves.

This happened with me too, and as a result of all the pressure of studying something that I barely understood and was least interested in, I ended up scoring 50% in my HSC exams.

Science is more like a risk these days. You kill your child's dream and push him into studying something he doesn't want to, and even if your child scores good marks, you would have to pay a handsome sum to get them in a good college, and all of it just for the sake of saying, “I have secured my child’s future.”

There's a wide range of courses available these days to cater to all kinds of students with interests in different fields. Most people have one question, “Who will give them jobs if they study this course?” but who guarantees jobs in the fields of medical or engineering too?

Today, it is a stereotype that job means engineer or doctor, and no bigger lie has ever been spoken.

I am pursuing BMM, because science was just not my thing. All I want to say is never feel afraid or shy to express your interests in front of your parents, because it is you who has to manage your lifestyle in the future.