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Dear Woman: There's No Time Left For You To Look Pretty. It's High Time You Do This.

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*For representational purpose only.

Sometimes pain is beautiful, other times it is just painful. People take all kinds of pain to look pretty, but nobody gives you a fatter pay package because you look pretty. We all know that. Don't we? The efforts we put into looking pretty is not limited to parlour stuff like threading, waxing, or steaming. From wearing uncomfortable clothes, painful shoes, hours of grooming and so on, so forth, we go to lengths to enhance our appearances.

How about making half the efforts and invest it in something which makes us smart?

It is widely believed that people who are good looking are no more than 5% of the entire population. So to the rest 95%, gear up yourself, it's time to take the gloves off. Avail these 5 kinds of services from the brain-parlour and help yourself in real time. Reading: It makes you smarter, everyone knows that. We can spend an hour in the parlour with the hot blowing steam on our faces, but cannot spend a few minutes reading comfortably in the library. Learning new things: It broadens your thinking capacity. We don't do things which are actually easy and which will be impactful for a longer time.

All we want to do is look pretty, even when we know we are pretty freaking dumb inside. Practising your passion: No one is born a masterpiece, you have to practice until perfection. You want your face to shine, alright! But how can you be comfortable with a dull brain? Spend less time in front of the mirror and more time in front of your passion. Teaching and sharing: If you can't teach, you haven't learned. If someone punches you, the pain is same, for everyone, whether you are pretty or ugly.

Life isn't extra good, just because you're extra pretty, you should know that.

Following your dream: Fall-rise again-repeat. More often than not, people get bored, even with the most beautiful faces. Start working on your dream, that will keep you excited, engrossed and more importantly it will keep you enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is the best anti-ageing cream. Put it all over yourself in the morning, and you'll shine throughout the day.

Remember to adopt these healthy mental practices once in a while, because when we're out hunting jobs, no successful company gives you a fat pay package because you look pretty. But if you're skilful and talented, and knowledgeable and resourceful, then you're someone more than looks. Someone to admire, someone to adore and someone who will earn pretty good.

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