Dear Son, You've Turned 1 Today And This Is How Your Life Has Been Till Now

Ankita Solanki Ankita Solanki in Let's Face It on 25 February, 2017

"2016" will be the most memorable year of my life as my little love came in this world. Nothing can compare to the day I held you in my arms for the first time, after 37 weeks of waiting patiently for you to make your grand debut.

Praansh, what a precious bundle of joy you are. Cute from head to toe! You're my special gift this year, descended from heaven above, the most perfect little angel.

2016 — a year of shared discovery, milestones for you and me. Now in 2017, you completed a year! A year ago, you were just born and now my baby has turned one, I can't believe how time files. These special baby firsts leave the sweetest memories in your head. 


The first day you entered this big world – bright and new. I discovered life’s greatest miracle and saw my dreams come true. World says that I gave you birth but you gave birth to a mother. My baby, you taught me patience, how to be calm and how to manage things well. Before you stepped into this world, I was afraid about how I'll nurture you but you made everything very easy for me. At every step you taught me how to handle you and the situation.

You taught me how to care for someone more than I do for my own self, to fear the little things in life and cherish every moment that we share. I have seen you struggle to roll over and finally get it right,  I have learned how to travel with a heavy stroller and how to stay up late night, sometimes the whole night.

I have watched you crawl all over the house, kitchen is your favourite place. You love to make sounds with utensils and to run behind the maid for the broom. I have cleaned sticky food off your face and wiped your tears when you get hurt. I hate to see tears in your eyes!

Every day we laugh and play together. I can never express in words what I feel when in every 15-20 minutes you come to me and give me a hug and a kiss. In your first bath, you felt warm water and shampoo, I couldn't help falling in love with your soft baby skin and its sweet heavenly perfume. With your first smile you responded to a grown-up’s silly patter.


I realized when you smiled, all else ceased to matter. When you said your first word 'Momma', the tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. Your first tooth you welcomed with a grin and happy cheer. I treasured your new feature as a prized baby souvenir. Your first steps you found holding my hand.

I learned I’d have to watch you fall in order to see you stand.

I discovered that the year 2016 had too quickly come and gone, please little love don't grow so fast, let me enjoy your childhood to the fullest. Everything will
come back again but your precious childhood will never return.

My little love, always be momma's little love! Everyday your smile brightens up my day and it teaches me that with you in my life, nothing can ever go wrong. Just a year ago you were in my tummy and today you are a toddler.

I love you unconditionally and everyday my love for you gets much stronger. Happy first birthday my precious son!

Mommy loves you..