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Dear New Mommy, I Have A Message For You And You MUST Read It!

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Hi mommies! When I was expecting my child I used to wonder how nice it would have been if a child came with an instructional manual. But soon, I realized I don't need one because people around me were always ready with the advice. Some who had never even experienced parenting and others who were still exploring .

Everybody was telling me what I should do and what not, and trust me everybody was a genius and sounded perfect mothers to be or one already. This made think that I am horrible at what I am doing because I was different from others.

So today, to all the new mothers or mothers-to-be I would like to tell you that everybody has a different parenting style which need not be perfect and also never is. No mother consciously would bring anything wrong to her child, so it's okay!

If you choose to have a c-sec over normal delivery, it's okay! If you formula feed your kid and not breastfeed, it's okay! If you don't turn your kid into a fashion model and choose to make her comfortable, it's okay! If you forget to cut her nails often, it's okay! If you choose to work or a stay at home mom, it's okay! If you fail to control his tantrums, it's okay! If he makes a complete mess of his clothes in public, it's okay!

It is completely okay as long as you think it to be. You are the mother, and nobody, nobody at all should tell you how you should be with your kid. You have kept him for 9 months, you have been through all the pain, so you will decide for him and trust me no matter how bad you think you are... your child trusts you and only you, so put your crowns high and stop judging yourself and celebrate motherhood!

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