Dear Ex Boyfriend, Thank You For Being The Spineless Man That You Are

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 23 May, 2017

Dear Mr. S*****,

Thank you for coming into my life. You have been my strength and weakness at the same time. It's been three years of our breakup and you still torture me every single second.

We dated for 3 years and had our own ups and downs. You come from a male dominated society and I am a girl who loves her freedom and wants to do something big in life. I realised in the beginning of our relationship that we are exactly the opposites and have different goals in life.

You had a problem with me being an extrovert. If I spoke with another guy or had a male friend, you called me characterless. But I guess you forgot, even you belong to the same gender.

If I went for a party, I was a girl who'd sleep with anyone. It's necessary to be open and close in a relationship and that's why you took all my passwords -- be it my email, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. I had no problems in sharing those with you because I had nothing to hide but you started chatting with every single man on my friend list just to know whether I was hiding something from you. 

You never trusted me. You abused me. And finally, one fine day, I realised self-respect is more important than love and I ended things with you.

You did not contact me for more than a week and I thought it's over finally but you came back again. You hacked my social media accounts. Messaged random people, gave them my number, had a rate card for me and then you called me and said, "I love you, come back."

This is how you love?


However, you'll be happy to know, that this act of yours has made me strong headed and I'm sure I'll get back to you. You started blackmailing me. Yes I gave you my pictures because I trusted you. And you said me, "I've deleted them". But you never did.

I went to my mom. I cried and admitted my mistake. She called to speak with you and what you did. You dared to abuse her as well. You said, "Both mother and daughter are the same, I will teach both of you a lesson." 

That poor lady who is suffering from a disease, you blamed her for my mistakes. Neither she nor I blamed your parents for your awful upbringing. For you, it was fun. You called my mom, abused her and then went on to live a happy life with your family. And that lady was so affected that she had to be taken to a hospital.

You knew my dad is a typical Punjabi man and he is aggressive in nature. So you took advantage of it and blackmailed me and my mom. Like every other mother, my mom is my pillar of strength and she stood by me and told me to ignore you. She asked to me to continue with my studies as she didn't want my career and dreams to get affected by a guy like you.

There were days when you wished her death in front of me and threatened to physically abuse my family. 


You impersonated me on social media but thanks to the Facebook and Instagram team, I could report your abuse by just filling up a form. It's been 3 years since then and you still do the same things. The difference is earlier I used to get affected and now I don't. People tell me to go and tell my dad everything but I don't because I care about my mom and my family. I know how my dad will react.

I don't want them to get punished because I made a mistake of being with a spineless man.  

You call and message me every day. And in every message I lie to you. I lie because I don't want you to be a part of my life. Everyone tells me "Do you have any self-respect? This guy abuses you and you ignore it."

Yes I have self-respect but I also have dreams to achieve. I have a mother and a family to take care of. And on my priority list, you don't exist any more. You were out of it the day you abused my family.

You always say that you hope that I'll never find happiness in life. You always say that I will never get true love. You always say that I should die. 

These words of yours have always given me strength. Strength to do something. And today, I proudly want to say thank you. Thank you for being both my strength and weakness.

-the girl with big dreams.