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A Letter To The Vulnerable Little Girl Inside Of Me: You Are Your Teacher

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Nida,

Cease to trust. Give to others because what you give to them, is a reflection of who you are, and you are a beautiful soul indeed. But do not expect to receive the same in return, because if you do then you will hurt yourself, you are bound to fall. It's natural, it hurts when you go out of your way for people and they forget to return the favor. But the sooner you can step on those expectations and squash them under your feet, the happier you will be. 

You cannot afford to fall just because you're different, my girl. Your fall will not affect anybody more than it will affect you. Be there for yourself and don’t let anyone or anything consume you or have power over you. Only you should have the power over you! Don’t seek people, don’t fight or wait for them to stay. Just fight to keep the ‘Nida’ in you alive – the ‘Nida’ who dares to dream so big that she puts big (but small) people to shame, the ‘Nida’ who is so true to her skin that fake people burn in the intensity of the fire of her realness.

Keep her alive, dear girl. She deserves to live, after all that has gone south. She deserves to rise from her ashes, unapologetically. Always remember, that you cannot control the outcome of your actions, or the energy they will be met with.

Expecting to receive what you perceive is bound by your own limits, and this contradicts your essence because you are the kind of person who gives immensely. So, give unconditionally.

Don’t bind yourself to any set ideologies or fortified limitations. Just give a piece of yourself to whomever you meet, to whatever you choose to do, because that is the only way life will be worth living.

Go out there and embrace the hell out of the bittersweet symphonies of this world. That will be your biggest teacher. 

Yours truly.

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