A Letter To My Father Who Made Me A Storyteller: Thank You

Arpita Chipkar Arpita Chipkar in Let's Face It on 18 June, 2017

I call myself a compulsive story teller. My mother is a professional writer and I often give away all the credit to this incredible woman in my life.

What I often failed to realise is that she never made me a storyteller but a writer just like her. I had developed these story telling skills from my father. A lawyer by profession and a full time dotting daddy.

I was hardly five years old. Me and my brother crawled up to him every night and just threw random topics at him and the very next moment he would start narrating interesting and adventurous stories about two friends, Andy and Bandy. These were his fictional characters. But boy! These were also our best friends.


These characters were not the superheros. They weren't brave or extraordinarily charming. They faced many challenges, but they faced them and made sure that they kept going ahead.

Daddy never told us the moral of the stories. But now I know that every story had a strong moral behind them. 'Keep moving no matter what, just face it in life.'

As a child, I was somehow made to treat life like an adventure. I looked at all the hurdles as though they were present only to make life more interesting. Well, that's what daddy told us when he got stuck while narrating a story. In his words, "What happens next? Life throws yet another interesting twist at Andy and Bandy!"

I faced my fears like just another interesting twist in my life. Whatever it is that I am today, is all because of my daddy, who made me view life via 3D glasses.

No, I don't just go through a breakup but I see it as yet another challenge in my interesting life. No I don't just lose my job. I am a super hero starting her new job hunt and so on.
Author's Note:

It's father's day and this is one of the most wonderful things my daddy has done for me. Sorry daddy for being such a thankless brat. I am very proud to say that I'm a compulsive storyteller just like you are. Thank you for the endless love and support.