Without International Flights, My 2 Year Old Daughter Is Separated From Her Father

Anonymous Anonymous in Life In The Times Of Corona on 11 June, 2020

Covid19 has made me stuck in life. We all know that the whole world is suffering so ridiculously hard, and so am I.

I am a married woman; I've been married for the last three years. I have a two-year-old baby. In January, my husband got a job offer from Srilanka. We all were so happy because my husband's hard work finally paid off.

His company had certain rules, like he will go there first, and then take his family. So after Holi, he went and joined. Simultaneously, I went to my parents' home, thinking I'll stay for a month and then make my way to Srilanka. My life felt like a celebration for a brief time, and the lockdown came into effect.

For the past 3 months, I've been at my place. At least here, I have my parents and siblings to share my troubles with. But now, I have to go to my in-law's place. Over there, I have to be a completely different person. I don't even have my husband to share my stress with. This is going to be a tough time for me.

I know I am responsible for looking after his family in his absence. But the point is, I will become a robot who will work all the time. It's my "duty" but there will be no one whom I can share my sorrows with. I will feel lonely. This time only my baby is being my strength. I feel so happy by her mischievous, naughty activities. She is only the ray of hope in my life. I don't know when international flights will resume again and for how much time I am stuck here. I can only hope to be together with my husband soon.

Please God, let my baby meet her father soon.