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To My 74 Year Old Aunt; We Failed You

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*For representational purpose only.

Rashda Aunty, I Love you!! I Love you a lot!!

I was a complete stranger to you, yet you treated me like your own daughter. You made me feel so special. You cared for me, you loved me, you fed me, you did everything for me what a mother would do for her child. You were old, you found it very difficult to stand yet you took care of each of your children's needs.

Rashda Aunty, we failed you.

You loved everyone, starting from your husband, children, grandchildren, brother, sisters to even your Rakhi Brothers. You just craved for everyone's love but no one understood your sacrifices, your affection, your love towards them. You always told me you felt lonely, you felt left out, you felt unloved. I could just stare at your wet eyes and could do nothing. Aunty, I was helpless. You always told me none of your five daughters understood your love and care towards them. Few of them always blamed you for no fault of yours.

You always pointed towards your heart and said, "beta, kaleje me bohot dard hai".

You sometimes cried but again hid your tears and brought a wide smile on your face. Aunty, I feel guilty of not doing anything for you. You always cared for your husband but even he did not understand you. You told me most of the times he dragged you out of your own house. You tried very hard to hide your tears behind your painful smile. You were always hurt by your daughter's behaviour though you adored your son a lot. You would always tell me, "Mera Munna hi bas accha hai".

You were immensely hurt by everyone close to you. I always adored your smile, your toughness in difficult times. Aunty, I am proud of you.

You were the MAN OF THE HOUSE.

You did everything a head of the family would do despite facing criticism from few of your own daughters. I was always surprised by your memory. You remembered everyone's b'day, anniversary, other occassions. How can someone be so thoughtful?

Aunty, you deserved better.

Being a 74 year old, you took care of uncle's needs. You took care of his health very well. You were always tensed about him. You were a great wife. At 74, you cared for every child of yours. You were ill, suffered a lot, yet you cooked for your daughters who were also not doing well while ignoring your own health. You always cried in front of me saying few of your daughters troubled you, made baseless allegations against you.

You were sad and distraught.

You never cared for yourself aunty. We never deserved you. You told me everyday was a living hell for you. You always told me, "Allah mere jaise kismat kisi ko bhi na de". I could just helplessly watch you uttering those painful words. You told me you were happy till you stayed with your abba before marriage, but after that your life was full of struggles. You had no time for yourself. You sacrificed your life for everyone.

I came to this city completely unknown to the environment over here. We luckily met one day. Since then you cared for me like a mother. I Love you Aunty. I am so sorry if I have ever hurt you. I spent every evening with you. You and uncle always waited for me to spend some time and you felt less lonely for time being. Sometimes I would not visit you so that you could take some rest . You were always ready to cook for me though you found it very difficult to even stand for 5 minutes. I always felt that I might be troubling you but you loved doing things for me.

You always remembered my b'day and I would always forget yours (I am very bad at remembering things). Aunty, you were my second mother. I love you so much Aunty. You would get restless if I did not pick your call. You would call my colleagues to check on me. I could not visit you regularly since the outbreak of COVID 19. I feared I may infect you as I met a lot of people at Bank. You missed me but I had to stop myself from visiting you. I too missed you a lot and felt lonely most of the times. You knew my likes and dislikes.

I miss you a lot aunty. You were down with fever since last 10 days, still you checked on me everyday. You asked me not to visit you as you feared something bad. I told you I would visit you on 28th but Aunty, you left me. You left all of us on 27th night. You didn't even wait for me. Your life was full of pain and sufferings which you hid with your smile. You never ever revealed your pain in front of anyone. None of your children know about your sufferings.

You always told me if uncle dies before you, no one is going to treat you right but you left us before anyone. You are free of your pain and sufferings now. Aunty, you left us so early. I miss you. I saw you lying lifeless today. I miss your smile. I miss everything about you. I am lucky to have found you. I am lucky to have met a wonderful lady like you. You are an inspiration for me. May your family understand your importance now. May you be rewarded with Jannat ul Firdous.

May you live happily in the heaven. I will always love you and will miss you. Aunty, I really am sorry if I had ever hurt you. May Allah give you some peace now.

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