One Touch Can Kill You, No Matter How Safe You Think You Are

Anonymous Anonymous in Life In The Times Of Corona on 2 May, 2020

Touch: What if I told you that one touch can change your life. I don't mean it like the Midas Touch when whatever you touch turns to gold. Not that kind of a life change. What if, whatever you touch can kill you?

It's not fiction, guys. The Corona Touch is real. Every person is 'Corona' and every touch is 'Corona' unless proven otherwise.

We all know about the ongoing pandemic but still we don’t care about it. I have seen so many places in India where people violated the lockdown rules. People have taken social distancing so lightly that I almost wish that judgemental aunty who used to be my neighbour when I was growing up hadn't died. She'd have made sure people weren't mingling with each other excessively. 


No, I don't want us to develop regressive behaviour. But I want us to have the sense to safeguard ourselves from asymptomatic carriers. They can spread COVID19 unintentionally. I don't know why I took the pains to put 'Dr.' in front of my name, spending so many years burning the midnight oil. I don't know why I care that you live. But the only the mantra to save yourself and others is this:

Assume every person is corona positive and every touch is corona touch. That means if you touch anything- paper, door, anything- you have to wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Whenever you talk or meet a person, maintain the distance of at least 6 feet and wear mask. Assuming every person and every touch as corona person and corona touch will save you all the time.

By assuming this, you automatically are following the safety guidelines of COVID19. See? It's that simple. 

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