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I Will Never Forget How Covid19 Ruined My Marriage Plans With The Love Of My Life

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I use to be a very normal person. Friends, family, studies, my job, Netflix - this was my world.

I have never given a thought to the feeling of completeness or a world tour. Getting admission in IIT, getting good marks were things the things I used to thing that make you happy. My 30% time went on friends, 30% for family and web series, and the rest of the 30% in my studies and job. Yes, I was directionless with no schedule of the day.

However, the early sun of 2020 was different for me. I met her. Her charm, her talks, her vibe gave me the purpose of my existence.

We got engaged in February and we were very excited for our wedding in June. We started making memories of our calls, chats, talks, etc. I was feeling very positive, got a daily routine intact for a healthy start to our married life, we both were on top of the world.

My day starts with her and ends with her. Seriously, I had never been so happy ever in my life. We used to never leave each others' hands whenever we were together. Long walks, long talks, happiness all around. I have no words to describe that feeling I got with her. Those were precious moments. 

Suddenly, Covid19 entered the world, and our world came shattering down.

Everyone panicked. We both started living in our homes. Phone and video calls were the only way to live each day with each other. And then one of the most painful things of life happened to me. Our wedding got postponed to December.

That moment, for the first time I lost faith from God because this was the only thing I had ever wanted so desperately in my life.

Life is very short and uncertain anyway, I didn't want to waste any single second without her as my wife. I may regret this forever in my life that I am having to spend 6 months less in my lifetime without her as my wife.

On June 14th, we will have completed four months since our engagement. Happy Anniversary bacha! I pray every day that we can start our journey and memories asap.

Every single second of my life belongs to you. Life is too short, no reply, no rewind. I am waiting and dying to hug and marry you. Love you, Bacha.

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