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How Something I Tried Out Of Curiosity Gave Me My Purpose In Life

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Passion is fuel to purpose

It’s a quote I live by. I’ve always been a creative and artistic person. That’s why I opted to be a Jewellery designer by profession. I’ve also pursued my other interests as everyone else should too, because after a certain point life can become stagnant and monotonous if you don’t try and be enthusiastic about it.

Ever since I was a kid, I remember my father's constant motivating words now and then. I had an immense interest in pursuing music during my school years as I was very passionate about singing and playing a few instruments. Dancing too came as a natural flare to me but I never took any formal training. Despite being a shy person, I’ve had a very optimistic and progressive approach to life.

After marriage, I realized my in-laws were sinking into depression. They were different people from another era and they probably wanted to remain frozen in that time only. Change is an integral part of our lives. We must accept change and live according to the present.

No matter how hard I tried, I could never convince my in-laws to exercise, socialize, go out for any form of recreation, or even travel to some place close by for some change of air. They always thought it was unnecessary. The cloud of depression kept getting darker. They had to be put on medication. It doesn’t just affect that person, but each and every one in the family. That was the time I started educating myself about it in detail.

Slowly, I became regular with my gymming and I started realizing the benefits of high-intensity exercise to the body as well as the brain. I started staying more calm and happy. My life started changing. I started motivating people around me to exercise not just for physical but mental health too.

Then came this pandemic, and I was at my parents’ place when the lockdown happened. So while I was there, I started shuffling out of curiosity and also to overcome the challenging aspect it had. The happiness that started flowing through me at the accomplishment of each step and challenge was priceless.  I was enjoying the shuffling as well as TikTok.

Then one fine day they banned TikTok in India. So when Instagram introduced Reels, I took the first opportunity to start putting tutorials on it to help people learn how to shuffle. You can’t win in front of God’s ways and soon enough one of my reels went viral and my account grew exponentially. So many people were interested in learning and some just loved my positive vibes. The rest is history.

So I’ve accepted this as my destiny and God’s plan. I lost my personal Instagram in all of this and I loved it, but I’m beginning to love this more. I’ll continue doing what I’ve been doing for as long as I can because I have the most amazing and positive tribe ever.  It’s a whole new world with a whole new set of responsibilities and work pressure. But the happiness that my tribe radiates back at me is everything for me. I’m truly blessed to have all of them in my life and I think I’ve met my purpose! 

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