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Before We Lost His Mother To Covid, Here's A Gift She Left Us With

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A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other. S and I have been friends since our SYJC days. He proposed to me in Oct 2015 and my answer was of course YES. 26th December 2015 - our journey as lovers began.

We both our live examples of opposites attract. Our entire batch till then was aware of our relationship. I was a bit scared as I stayed just 5 mins away from college (my bad), haha and half of the college knew me as it was a Parish college and I belonged to the same community. Things were great between us.

However, we rarely spoke with each other because the moment I met him or spoke with him, our friends would tease us. I remember when we were about to dance together on our farewell day, the moment I placed my hands on his shoulder the entire batch started to tease us. We were too shy and immediately pulled back from each other, as our teachers, principal and or even our manager who is a priest were there and knew me.

Soon after, we broke up. I wasn't ready for the relationship and we both decided to focus on our careers instead. We still stayed in touch. We both weren't sure about our relationship but he was open with his mother and his mum had already accepted me. Even I loved her company the most. I love his family and he loves mine. I have attended his parents' anniversary parties. We were that close. He always made me feel like a part of his family.

Anyway, we met a month back to discuss our relationship but we still weren't sure as we really wanted to be settled and then inform our families.

Unfortunately, a few days ago, he lost his mom due to COVID. I still can't digest that she's no more. The one who welcomed me with a warm hug and smile into his family when I wasn't even with her son. I find it extremely hard to see his family go through this difficult phase.

Now it's been 5.4 years since we have known each other. We have still not been able to give a proper name to our relationship, we can't see each other with someone else either. We told each other to move on but we could not. We are very open with each other about other people.

Here is a twist that took place though. I am the one who experiences paranormal activities. I feel such stuff that might be spooky to a normal human being. But I know I have that gift given to me by my creator.

The day his mum passed away, the same night I fell asleep early. I usually don't sleep before 2 am. I woke up suddenly with a terrifying dream that his mom was no more. I felt very guilty about it. And I closed my eyes and that's when I felt his mom and I could see her. It was around 12:30 am, I saw her in my dream and she passed away at 1:00 am. She was in the same colour outfit she wore the last time on her deathbed. Well, I confirmed this with him and his family because I was restless.

She loved me a lot and I loved her too. I attended her funeral. I couldn't see him and his family breaking. The same evening I asked him about their health and he said to me, "I told my dad and my sister that I love you."

The guy who wasn't sure about our relationship confronted his family and told them. I believe it's his mom who has worked this miracle to see us together.

I love you Aunty (Mom-in-love) and I will always. I'll be happy to call his family mine soon some day.  I also hope to disclose this to my family too soon.

Love you S,  from your beloved V.  Keep us in your prayers. Hope to disclose our names and more about us soon. 

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